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COVID-19: Advice for skin cancer patients

There have been various reports about the use of UV light to kill COVID-19 and whether it can disinfect surfaces, we spoke to Dr Dev Shah, a leading dermatologist, to find out how effective this is. We also found out information on coronavirus' impact on skin cancer treatment and whether COVID-19 can leave cancer survivors at higher risk of severe illness.

What is vitiligo?

Have you ever seen someone in passing or in photos with unevenly colour skin? Some patches are one colour, whilst others are another? The chances are that they have what is called vitiligo; a skin condition that causes loss of skin colour in blotches over the body. Dr Dev Shah, a leading dermatologist, explains further and addresses the important psychological impact that this condition can have one sufferers.

Are cysts dangerous?

We can get a myriad of different types of lumps, bumps, and spots on our skin. Cysts are one of the commonest lumps that we can develop. What defines a cyst, what are the most common types, and can they be a danger to our health? Acclaimed dermatologist Dr Dev Shah is here to explain.

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