FAQs: Botox™ injections

Written by: Dr Nikola Milojevic
Edited by: Bronwen Griffiths

Botox™ injections – we have all heard of them and might even know someone who has had them. They have been hailed as the single greatest medical breakthrough for cosmetic medicine and provide an extremely effective treatment for smoothing age lines and facial contouring. So, for those who are considering having this treatment, Dr Nikola Milojevic, a top aesthetic doctor, answers some of the most commonly asked questions about Botox™ injections.

Does Botox™ hurt?

This treatment only takes up to 10 minutes and it is painless. If required, numbing cream can be applied to the treatment area beforehand, however, the needles used are so small that there is usually no need. A lot of my patients have said that having the injections feels very similar to acupuncture or eyebrow waxing, with some saying that the process feels quite relaxing.


How long does Botox™ last for?

Following treatment, the results are noticeable within 2-7 days and the results should be visible for up to six months. If you choose to return for follow-up treatments, eventually, the muscles reduce in size over time and the results will start to last for a lot longer. Recent research has shown that in patients who have had Botox™ for several years, their wrinkles have been erased permanently.

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Is it safe?

Botox™ is a protein obtained from a type of bacteria called Clostridium botulinum which has undergone a purification process. One of the biggest misconceptions about it is that it is a poison, but rest assured, it is not toxic for use, in fact, it is organic and very safe. We have been using Botox™ in medicine since the 1970s, including in neurology and ophthalmology, and we have been using it in aesthetic medicine for more than 20 years. In over 30 years of its use, there have been no reports of any serious allergic reactions, and with the time passed we can say with certainty that there are no long-term side effects.

It is also not a permanent treatment, and whilst the results can be long-lasting, the Botox™ is actually metabolised at the site of injection and does not spread to other parts of the body. If patients stopped having treatments, then their appearance would return to its normal state.


Does it look natural?

Overwhelmingly, my patients are ecstatic about the results and their younger-looking selves. More so, my patients report that many people do not even realise they have had cosmetic treatment done, but report that people say they look healthy and well-rested instead. By taking a precise and personalised approach for each patient, we avoid any frozen effects but instead give patients a naturally youthful look.


What are the side effects?

Side effects are uncommon following botulinum toxin injections, and if there are any, they are very short-term. For example, patients may have small red bumps around the injection site for up to an hour after treatment, but these quickly fade, making this a totally doable “lunchtime” treatment if desired. Side effects that resolve within a matter of days may include headaches, tightness, heaviness and slight bruising.


If you are interested in having Botox™ injections, Dr Nikola Milojevic is available for consultations at the Milo Clinic on Harley Street, London.

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Dr Nikola Milojevic

By Dr Nikola Milojevic
Aesthetic medicine

Dr Nikola Milojevic is one of Europe's most accomplished anti-age, facial rejuvenation experts,  practising both at his exclusive Milo Clinic in London and in his native Croatia. He is internationally renowned for his high calibre non-surgical treatments like dermal filling, Botox and his specialty of removing under-eye bags. Over the last 10 years, his pioneering techniques have helped tens of thousands of patients to look years younger and feel fabulous.

Often named as the UK's top expert in skin rejuvenation, he has appeared in publications such as Tatler, Marie Claire and the Sunday Times, as well as TV appearances on Channel 5, Sky News and MTV.

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