Laser lipo vs liposuction: what are the advantages?

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Laser lipo or laser lipolysis is a technique that reduces an accumulation of fat tissue through a minimally invasive procedure that eliminates the adipocytes and tightens the skin. It is a form of liposuction that employs the use of a laser conducting a transcutaneous light that destroys fatty tissue and therefore tones the skin.

What are the differences between "classical liposuction" and laser lipo?

Laser lipolysis, or laser lipo, is also used for retouching previous liposuctions with irregularities in the skin, or after surgery that has resulted in sagging of the skin.

In a "classic" liposuction, there is more trauma and bleeding as the fatty deposits are treated through a cannula.

The laser lipo procedure coagulates the small blood vessels (reducing bleeding and bruising) causing less mechanical trauma. The main advantage of laser lipolysis over classical liposuction is that it involves a much quicker and less painful recovery because the inflammation is much less aggressive, and the overall procedure is not as invasive.

The immediate contraction of the skin produced by laser lipolysis facilitates treatment of normally hard-to-reach areas in classic liposuction surgery (which often leads to a poor response in the contraction or irregularities during the post-liposuction period).  

Laser lipo is also suitable for the most classic areas to correct and remodel: cartridges, glutes, abdominal region and sides. The main characteristic of laser liposuction is its high degree of satisfaction in patients and its practitioners.


Can laser lipo be used on skin with stretch marks?

Laser lipo treatment is ideal for performing volume corrections in devitalised and stretched skin such as the abdominal region after pregnancy or the inner side of the thighs. Laser lipo also opens the possibility of lipo-remodeling in older patients more prone to flaccidity, due to the thinning of the dermis and septa, thanks to the cutaneous contraction effect caused by the release of heat shock proteins that occur during treatment.


What type of anaesthesia does lipolaser need?

Usually the laser lipo or laserlipolysis requires local anaesthesia with or without sedation although it depends on the areas to be treated. The patient can resume normal life in 24 hours although there will be discomfort (stiffness) for the following 2 to 3 days  The compressive garment used after treatment can be removed for sleeping in 4-7 days.


How is laser lipo performed?

Laser lipolysis is performed with a flexible optical fibre of 1mm calibre, through a small incision. The laser light is conducted at an intradermal level to destroy the fat and then produce the contraction of the skin to enable adjustment to the new body contour.

It is an effective treatment for small areas such as the jowl, inner arms, inner thighs, and abdomen, where the retraction of the accompanying skin is very important to good results. It is also highly recommended to retouch previous liposculptures that have experienced laxity and can also be used as a supplement to classic liposuction.

The equipment used for laser liposuction, also called laser sculpture, produces an effective destruction of the fat tissue thanks to its photo thermal effect and at the same time stimulates neocolagengenesis thanks to the deposit of heat at the hypodermic level.


What are the advantages of laser lipo over liposuction?

• The contraction effect of the tissues prevents post-liposculpture flaccidity and contour deformities, generating a more homogenous contraction of the skin.

• Unlike traditional liposuction, in laser lipo treatment the specific emission to destroy the fat generates a "melting" effect, respecting surrounding tissue structures.

• The coagulative effect of the laser on the microcirculation of the area effectively prevents haematomas and bleeding.

• Being a less traumatic treatment, the recovery is minimized.

• The incision required is about a millimetre

• Procedures of low or medium fat extraction or circumscribed areas can be performed under local anaesthesia.

• Laser lipo is applicable to any area of the body.

• It enables refined retouching of unsatisfactory results in previous liposuction treatments.

• Laser lipo can be used in conjunction with conventional liposuction in large volume removal to ensure a good healing response in the skin contracture of the treated area.


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