What is endermologie?

Endermologie is a lipomassage technique more commonly known as LPG. It consists of improving the areas with accumulated fat by stimulating the circulation and reducing the adipose tissue.

Why is it performed?

This non-invasive and totally safe technique helps to reshape the more ‘rebellious’ areas of the body that often do not respond to diet or exercise. These areas are usually the thighs, hips and buttocks, where cellulite is more noticeable or where there is more build up compared to the rest of the body. This treatment is specifically indicated for people with fluid retention or circulation problems (provided that there are no underlying circulatory issues caused by varicose veins or phlebitis).

What does it involve?

The treatment consists of a deep therapeutic massage using a mechanism with two rollers that are applied to the skin and have a suction effect. This helps shape the area, it corrects cellulite and other problems, and stimulates the lymphatic and circulatory system.

The treatment involves a series of sessions, ranging from 14 to 28, which are necessary for the endermological massage to be fully effective. Sessions usually last around 30 minutes and are painless.

The effects of endermologie are achieved by stimulating the beta receptor cells (responsible for burning fat and eliminating toxins and waste). Stimulating these cells also helps to detoxify the body through the release of body fatty acids and toxins and, because endermologie massage boosts blood circulation and the lymphatic system, it also helps weight loss and cellulite reduction by burning fat.

How to prepare for it

Before each session you should drink plenty of water (around 8 glasses), follow a healthy lifestyle and avoid sugary drinks and alcohol. It is also recommended to walk for at least an hour a day to promote the elimination of toxins, by activating the lymphatic system, and to perform lymphatic drainage massages to help move the fat. Strength exercises are also advisable for improving muscle tone.

Post-treatment care

Since this is a non-invasive treatment, very little post-operative care is required. However, the points mentioned above are recommended for before, during and after the endermologie sessions.

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