Hypocaloric diet

Specialty of Aesthetic medicine

The hypocaloric diet is a low-calorie diet that includes the nutritional requirements essential for the proper functioning of our body but in its right measure, adapted to our age, weight, height, lifestyle and medical history. It is the most suitable diet to combat overweight and obesity. For this reason, this diet is also suitable for the control of some diseases such as diabetes, cholesterol or hypertension. In addition, it controls and eliminates from the diet those foods that are fattening (such as sugars and fats), designing a diet plan in proportion and quantity appropriate to the patient's profile. Usually, five daily intakes are made in this diet, but with less than usual amounts. Certain ways of cooking (especially frying) are also avoided and the diet encourages eating boiled or grilled food. It is recommended to consume at least two litters of water per day and exercise.

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