Specialty of Dermatology

Liposuction by laser or lipolaser is a surgical technique to eliminate the fat accumulated in specific areas of the body with a minimally invasive procedure, which provides a moulded figure to patients who cannot remove those deposits of fat with exercise or with diets. It is especially recommended to apply on the inner side of the thighs or arms, the abdomen and the chin, although it can also be used to treat other areas. Laser liposculpture is permanent and consists of the use of an optical fibre that leads to the fat that you want to eliminate. When the laser light comes in contact with the fat cells, it melts and can be suctioned or extracted more easily. The advantage of laser liposuction compared to the traditional one is that it ensures a faster recovery and that, thanks to the heat generated by the laser it provides a smoother appearance to the skin of the treated area.

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