Zygomatic implants

What are zygomatic implants?

Zygomatic implants are implants that are placed in the cheekbone of a person suffering from atrophy of the jawbone, that is, severe loss of the jawbone. They can offer good results in terms of function and aesthetics.

What does the procedure consist of?

The procedure consists of two stages. In the first stage, a temporary dental prosthesis is fitted, and in the second stage the permanent prosthesis is fitted. This technique involves inserting the implants into the zygoma, or cheekbone, without the need for bone grafts.

Who is a good candidate for zygomatic implants?

This procedure is suitable for people with partial or total loss of bone in the jaw, who have lost their teeth at an early age or who have worn dentures for a long time, affecting their facial bone structure. It is also indicated for people who have previously had periodontal disease.

Results with zygomatic implants:

These fixed implants help restore the ability to chew, as well as facial aesthetics lost as a result of missing teeth or a lack of jaw bone.

The post-operative period is also more favourable, since there is minimal discomfort after the operation, so you can get back to normal daily life. This procedure is also more successful, because the implant placed is fixed and is not affected by tooth loss or periodontal disease.

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