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Alberto E. Porciani
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Up to 18/07/2024
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Patient reviews:

J.K. 17/07/2024

Dr Vladimir Revicky review


Dr Revicky was excellent in every respect. He was very helpful and was able to diagnose my condition and explain all treatment options clearly. He's fabulous!

M. 17/07/2024

Mr Sudhanshu Chitale review


100% recommend. Incredibly patient, professional and kind with anxious 3 yo. Orchidopexy for undescended testicle - all previous pain resolved. So very grateful

G.L. 17/07/2024

Mr Aryan Dawoodi review


Dr Dawoodi is an excellent spinal surgeon, he has changed my life completely 4 weeks ago I was one step away from a wheelchair but now i am walking perfectly

N.B. 17/07/2024

Professor Bal Dhinsa review


Absolutely yes ! Felt very at ease with Bal Dhinsa explained everything in detail

N.M. 17/07/2024

Mr Samuel Jayaraj review


Very happy with the quality of care I received. I felt very comfortable and cared for

N. 17/07/2024

Mr Daniel Baird review


My only regret is not having given the review sooner as my whole experience was nothing short of exceptional to all involved from consultant to recovery.

H.M. 17/07/2024

Mr Nikul Amin review


Mr Amin was kind, friendly and put us and our child at ease. He explained everything very clearly and patiently. Very happy with our appointment.

J.M. 17/07/2024

Dr Ishtiaq Rehman review


Had my first visit with Dr Rehman today and he was very helpful and knowledgeable from the off. After having issues over the past 5 months he was able to perform a ultra sound to accurately get to the cause of my pain. We now have a treatment plan moving forward, thank you

D.M. 17/07/2024

Mr Craig Goldsmith review


Good from beginning end.

S. 17/07/2024

Mr Ahmad Ali review


Mr Ali is fantastic surgeon i recmand / say to anyone who is gonna / wish have surgery knee replacement etc under mr Ali i will say he is the Greatest

S.R. 17/07/2024

Mr Alexander Magnussen review


Mr Magnussen is an exceptionally professional and highly skilled orthopaedic surgeon. He is immensely knowledgeable in his specialty and brings a uniquely personable experience for his patients, their relatives and indeed his colleagues. I thoroughly recommend Mr Magnussen!

T.B. 17/07/2024

Ms Pushpakala Maharajan review


Dr Maharajan is kind and caring. She is knowledgeable and explained every step to me clearly and confidently. She answered all my questions confidently regarding Menopause, HRT and my condition. Highly recommend Dr Maharajan.

D. 17/07/2024

Mr Daud Chou review


2nd hip procedure with Mr Chou both successful in every way and highly recommended.

M. Kettering 17/07/2024

Mr Ashish Kelkar review


Excellent service and help after many months with no proper diagnosis.Thank you .

G. 17/07/2024

Mr Rajeev Peravali review


Dr peravali was very professional from the first meeting till the follow up! I would recommend him 100%

J.B. 17/07/2024

Mr Benjamin Lamb review


Mr Lamb is a brilliant surgeon with impeccable qualifications and unmatched interpersonal skills. His precision in the operating room is only rivalled by his compassionate bedside manner. You can trust him implicitly for his expertise, warmth, and dedication to your well-being.

T.C. London 17/07/2024

Dr Edson Nogueira review


all amazing!!! doctor is spectacular

A. 17/07/2024

Mr Habib Tafazal review


This man is an amazing Surgeon so talented & caring. After 19 years of having a partial mastectomy on my right breast his advice on the new Fat Bank system and allowing me to take part in the new trail has made me feel normal again. So so happy.

C. 17/07/2024

Mrs Kalpana Devalia review


Briiliant first time meeting Dr Devalia. She was so patient answering all my questions. An put me at ease as she is very friendly and welcoming.

j.W. 17/07/2024

Dr Rafik Sedra review


caring and professional , clear explanation of proposed treatment. Would highly recommend Dr Sedra

D. 17/07/2024

Mr Franco Ciulli review


Mr. Ciulli has amazed me by the outstanding quality of his care for both myself and my 79 year old sister. My own surgery was coronary bypass and my sister needed a replacement aortic valve. He went far in excess of every expectation in his care and deserves the highest praise!

A.H. 17/07/2024

Mr Shakeel Puri review


Very professional service I was recommended to visit them to have an eye test and from the second I walked through the door I was made welcome and put at ease as I struggle with anxiety and mr shakeel puri was very precise and professional in what he did I would also recommend anyone else to visit here +AAA

E.B. Oxfordshire 17/07/2024

Dr Emily Lord review


Excellent doctor! I would totally recommend Emily

S.C. 17/07/2024

Miss Marie-Klaire Farrugia review


Miss Farrugia is truly brilliant and I cannot recommend her highly enough. Our daughter was extremely unwell as a baby and she performed miracles. The team is incredibly efficient and all so kind.

N.B. Portsmouth 17/07/2024

Ms Laura Fulwell-Smith review


I would absolutely recommend this professional, she was a real pleasure

A.J. 17/07/2024

Dr George Kravvas review


So Happy with Dr. Kravvas is very professional and personable, really cares for his patients and explains everything clearly and as well very educational explanations on your problem. Right from the moment i walked into the clinic everyone that i interacted with was amazing.

s.m. 17/07/2024

Dr Rafik Sedra review


Dr. Sedra is a breath of fresh air. Really easy to approach to discuss your issues and his knowledge and ways of helping are great. Nothing is too much trouble.

A. 17/07/2024

Mr James Stoddard review


I cannot thank this wonderful man enough for giving me back my life after he gave me a full knee replacement. So professional and such a lovely man Thanks for everything. Anne and Paul Terry xxxxxx

S.C. 17/07/2024

Mr Nijil Vasukutty review


Very professional, clearly explained what was happening and what treatment was available. Filled me with confidence, thank you

D.F. 17/07/2024

Mr Tarek El Gamal review


Couldn’t fault the surgeon dr El Gamal or the nursing staff , all polite and explained everything . Made me feel welcome and the clinic is exceptionally clean.

J.C. 17/07/2024

Mr Ravinder Singh Natt review


Really insightful, super helpful and friendly.

J.M. 17/07/2024

Dr Allan Harkness review


Dr A Harkness gave lots of time and listened. He was patient, calm and professional. He offered a course of action. Highly recommend.

B.G. 17/07/2024

Mr Ravinder Singh Natt review


The doctor was marvellous.

J.S. 17/07/2024

Ms Anila Mistry review


Really good experience! Love my new glasses! Anila the optician was so careful with my eyes! She knew I am extra sensitive! Thank you

S. 17/07/2024

Dr Aathavan Loganayagam review


Dr Aathavan and his team did great job they made the procedure and treatment look very easy.

E.E. 17/07/2024

Miss Katherine George review


Ms George’s care was wonderful, I felt looked after and comfortable every step of the way.

D.T. 17/07/2024

Dr Cristina López-Chertudi review


Had a fantastic initial consultation with Dr. Cristina. No long and drawn out opening sessions, straight into the issues at hand providing a very informative review even at early stages which was very reassuring. Looking forward to continuing our work together.

H.E. 17/07/2024

Mr Shahab (Shad) Khan review


Dr Khan is very approachable and polite. He made me feel comfortable and relaxed about the operation. He was very courteous and followed up with me after the op

J.B. 17/07/2024

Mr Benjamin Lamb review


I highly recommend Mr Lamb. His medical credentials are impeccable. The level of personal care he has shown has been brilliant. Before my operation he invited me to chat at any time should I have any concerns. Post op he checked up on me frequently. You could not ask for better.

E. 16/07/2024

Dr Mayur Kumar review


Dr Kumar was very pleasant and listened to the problems that I was having with my pain He was very thorough in his approach to help me looking up all previous investigations that I had received on NHS I was very impressed with Dr Kumar and happy with my results Thankyou Dr Kumar

V. 16/07/2024

Professor Amtul Razzaq Carmichael review


Very knowledgable and sensitive doctor who understands my individual style of receiving information and allows me sufficient time and freedom to ask question. Has been very encouraging and willing me to do well even at the most darkest moments. Thank you so much.

B. 16/07/2024

Dr Jonathan Byrne review


Dr Byrne was very knowledgeable, thorough and professional. He fully explained the results of the investigations and allowed time for clarification.

J.H. 16/07/2024

Mr Shahab (Shad) Khan review


Shad is very personable, takes a genuine interest in you and gives good explanations of the medical issues. He communicated a report result whilst on holiday.

A.H. 16/07/2024

Mr Shahab (Shad) Khan review


Mr Khan is very skilled, his professionalism, care and interest in my surgery built my confidence and I was a happy patient with a minimal scar (as he said).

N. London 16/07/2024

Professor Yacoub Khalaf review


First consultation was good.

B. 16/07/2024

Professor Kuntal Patel review


Professor Patel puts you at ease the first time you meet him my total knee replacement has gone really well the operation was a success so grateful thank you

M. 16/07/2024

Dr Ishtiaq Rehman review


I have found Dr Rehman to be both an exceptional GP, as well as a knowledgeable and skilled musculoskeletal specialist with a wealth of experience. He also has a rare quality in that he actually listens to his patient.

A.K. 16/07/2024

Mr Parv Sains review


Very friendly, great explanations, excellent personal approach

S. 16/07/2024

Dr Hamza Ahmed review


First day after surgery and I’m very happy with the results of the previous day. Dr Hamza and his team were welcoming and professional throughout. The procedures were mainly carried out by Dr Hamza himself with the implanting performed by his team after he had made the incisions on where the new grafts are being placed. Aftercare is explained personally and also sent to you in video form which is convenient as remembering everything after quite a long day isn’t easy. I would also like to add that a natural look hairline to me was of huge importance. Obviously I’m still only on day one but I’m very hopeful from what I see now, I feel confident that il be happy with the end result. Overall I’m very happy to have taken the leap with the Hair Dr Beaconsfield. Thankyou to his Dr Hamza and his team for a job well done

J. 16/07/2024

Mr Kelvin Chong review


Very efficient, I was seen immediately and Dr Chong was very personable. No waiting for my scans and the whole process was seamless

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