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At Top Doctors, we only accept reviews from real, verified patients.

“Patient opinions are one of the pillars of Top Doctors, they are part of our selection process and our transparency process“.

Alberto E. Porciani
CEO Top Doctors Europe & LATAM

Patients have so far rated our doctors with a:


Verified reviews
Up to 01/04/2020
We know how important patient comments and ratings are, so much so, that 75% of people check reviews before making a decision. This is why at Top Doctors we guarantee the authenticity of all reviews and we make sure that all comments made are real and genuine. This means that we verify all reviews through an authentication system.
What does our authentication system involve?
1. Patients who have booked an appointment through Top Doctors may leave a review.
2. Doctors can also obtain reviews from all of their in-person appointments and e-Consultations.
3. All reviews are from patients who went to their appointment or e-Consultation. Only a real experience can lead to a real review.
4. We publish all reviews. Whether they are positive or negative, the review is published on the doctor’s profile*.
This process reduces the total number of reviews as the process is slower and we compel the patient to check their emails while we're tracking the authenticity of the information. However, we know that when it comes to your health, quality is far more important than quantity. Knowing that there is a whole process with a team that monitors the information and that the reviews are real, helps ensure that we are truly helping patients.
*Comments with advertising content, disrespect, or displays of violence are not allowed.

Patient reviews:

S. 31/03/2020

Mr David Anderson review


My experience of consulting and being treated by Mr Anderson was excellent.

H.A. 30/03/2020

Mr Majed Shabbir review


Amazing doctor, very personable and reassuring in his speech and demeanour. Very accessible and generous with his time, office are staff also great.

S.M. London 30/03/2020

Mr Philip Charlesworth review


All in all a very calming and informative experience

P.A. Hove 29/03/2020

Dr Mark Austin review


Appointment times on Too Doctor were incorrect but Dr Austin’s secretary rang me within minutes and rearranged it

M.H. Elstree 28/03/2020

Mr Mark Falworth review


Mark Falworth was amazing. All I want is the follow up letter and instructions what to do

M.M. 27/03/2020

Dr Aathavan Loganayagam review


well experienced, friendly consultant.. was able to understand completely what I was been suffering. I Strongly recommend to anyone with Gastrointestinal issues

P.L. Horley 27/03/2020

Mr George Tselentakis review


Very friendly as usual

M.H. 26/03/2020

Dr Muhammed Raashed review


Extremely caring and conscientious. Always thorough, friendly and precise in explaining what can be difficult to understand. Would recommend to anyone, anytime.

S.B. 26/03/2020

Mr Mohsin Dani review


Very professional and caring Doctor . Excellent before and after care. Mr Dani was highly recommended to me.

A.R. 25/03/2020

Professor Melvin Lobo review


Lovely that Professor Lobo was able to accommodate a telephone consultation, given the current circumstances. Stay well and stay safe Professor Lobo

S. Liverpool 25/03/2020

Dr Robert John Moots review


Carried out by facetime

K.P. London 25/03/2020

Dr Kapil Bhargava review


Service provided by the doctor was excellent. Cannot complain. Would recommend to anyone

M.R. 25/03/2020

Professor Parag Singhal review


Very knowledgeable definitely put my mind at ease after G.P diagnoses. Prof Singhal explained clearly the treatment options. I'm feeling back to normal again!

D.W. 25/03/2020

Dr Muhammed Raashed review


I have no suggestions to make. Dr Raashed is a perfect gentleman but with a sense of humour. He put me at my ease at a difficult time in my life. Thank you sir.

T.Y. Oxford 25/03/2020

Mr Kirana Arambage review


A very thorough and caring professional who is obviously very passionate about his patients. Excellent explanation too as to condition and procedures.

R. London 25/03/2020

Dr Renata Pires-Yfantouda review


counselling session done via Skype

g.m. London 24/03/2020

Dr Phillip Harrison review


Absolutely would recommend Dr Harrison,

C.S. 24/03/2020

Mr Caspar Aylott review


Concise and clear description of my back problems. Used non medical terms which could confuse patients. Willing to answers all questions. Would recommend him.

R. 24/03/2020

Dr Farooq Rahman review


DR Rahman is a fantastic clinician. His advice and guidance has helped me manage my symptoms. He is considerate and proactive

P.B. 24/03/2020

Mr Marc Laniado review


I had the very good fortune to receive my consultation from Marc when faced with a high PSA & thus possible prostate cancer diagnosis. He was very approachable with a genuine warmth; he is relaxed & empathetic with that allusive ability to bring calm & lift your thoughts from a negative spiral. He offered me excellent counsel not only on my immediate health issue but also by suggesting how I could improve my overall health & wellbeing. He has proactively remained engaged ensuring any subsequent questions I have raised are fully answered. I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Marc.

A.S. London 23/03/2020

Dr Ben Esdaile review


Many thanks Dr Esdaile for your valuable advice and course of treatment

B.B. 22/03/2020

Dr Farooq Rahman review


I cannot speak highly enough of the treatment I have received from Dr Rahman. He is genuinely concerned and goes "the extra mile".

J.C. 21/03/2020

Mr Joe Marais review


My son had a septorhinoplasty performed by Mr Marais in January 2020. All went well with no complications and my son is very happy with the result.

D.E. 21/03/2020

Dr Lars Davidsson review


As always, Dr Davidsson was kind, thoughtful, genuinely interested in my mental health and wellbeing and entirely professional. He's a fantastic doctor.

J.M. 21/03/2020

Professor Melvin Lobo review


Clear and crisp medical advice. Very much appreciated

R. Chichester 21/03/2020

Mr Richard Hill review


Went in earlier than expected explained fully my treatment

T.M. 21/03/2020

Dr Aathavan Loganayagam review


Dr. Loganayagam is a true professional! I was amazed by the quality of his work and the quality of the environment. Extremely punctual. I can only recommend him

V. London 20/03/2020

Dr Farid Bazari review


Excellent doctor! Thank you very much for the help!

L.S. 19/03/2020

Mr Samer Humadi review


Mr Humadi and his wonderful team have changed my life through bariatric surgery . I will be forever grateful and will highly reccomend him...always. Thank you.

P.B. 19/03/2020

Dr Syed Arshad Husain review


I found the doctor to be reassuring ,calm, friendly and he listened to my concerns,I’m happy he is my consultant .I feel confident in his care I will improve

G.A. 19/03/2020

Mr Samer Humadi review


Amazing lovely man. Great secretary. Lovely.

E.W. Liverpool 19/03/2020

Dr Robert John Moots review


Seeing Dr Moots was definitely the right thing to have done. He listened carefully, gave good advice and we left feeling positive and confident.

V. 19/03/2020

Mr Caspar Aylott review


As a ‘regular’ customer, I would wholeheartedly recommend Mr Aylott. I trust his advice and skills as a surgeon.

C.P. 19/03/2020

Mr Samer Humadi review


Mr Humadi and his team,, especially Mel, are outstanding and ensure what could be a scarey process is managed in the best possible way. Thank you so much!

R.A. 19/03/2020

Mr David McArthur review


My initial apprehension dissolved immediately in the presence of this friendly professional. Clear analysis and recommendations with a timely follow up.

A.W. 18/03/2020

Mr Haresh Devalia review


Overall very impressed by Mr Devalia. Surgery was arranged swiftly and easily. I am very pleased with the results.

P.P. 18/03/2020

Dr Syed Arshad Husain review


Professional in every way explained everything perfectly

J.S. 18/03/2020

Professor Melvin Lobo review


Professor Lobo was fantastic when I needed urgent treatment. I would definitely recommend him.

G.D. 18/03/2020

Dr Alberto Murino review


Very caring , and gives you all the information in a clear message. Would highly recommend him.

N.S. 18/03/2020

Mr Simon W Sturdee review


Put me at ease straight away. Very approachable

D.M. 18/03/2020

Dr Aathavan Loganayagam review


Empathetic and put me fully at ease. Answered all questions fully and explanations were very clear.

N. 17/03/2020

Mr Caspar Aylott review


Mr Aylott was professional and personable. He was clear and precise with his diagnosis and prognosis.

R.R. 17/03/2020

Mr Caspar Aylott review


Thank you Mr Aylott for your help and advice. I will certainly recommend you to family and friends.

D.S. 17/03/2020

Dr Mohammed Sayeedullah Shareef review


Amazing doctor! Explains everything in an unstandable way, Answers any questions that are asked and makes you feel able to ask them. Would recommend to anyone

M.A. London 17/03/2020

Dr John Gerry Coghlan review


Yes, I would. Good explanations and interested.

C.F. 16/03/2020

Dr Amit Mohindra review


I visit in total confidence of the quality of care, that my treatment plans are using latest evidence and will be delivered with kindness and respect.

S. 16/03/2020

Professor Melvin Lobo review


Very helpful, nice and respectful. Would recommend him to families and friends.

D.M. 16/03/2020

Dr Syed Arshad Husain review


Excellent service.

D.L. 16/03/2020

Mr Simon Brewster review


I received top quality advice and surgery from Mr. Brewster after being referred to him by my GP for a HoLEP operation . Absolutely 5 star treatment, Thanks!

H. 14/03/2020

Mr Shashank Gurjar review


Mr Gurjar made me feel at ease right away, he has a lovely manner and I’m so pleased I chose him as my Consultsnt.

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