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Alberto E. Porciani
CEO Top Doctors Europe & LATAM

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Up to 25/02/2021
We know how important patient comments and ratings are, so much so, that 75% of people check reviews before making a decision. This is why at Top Doctors we guarantee the authenticity of all reviews and we make sure that all comments made are real and genuine. This means that we verify all reviews through an authentication system.
What does our authentication system involve?
1. Patients who have booked an appointment through Top Doctors may leave a review.
2. Doctors can also obtain reviews from all of their in-person appointments and e-Consultations.
3. All reviews are from patients who went to their appointment or e-Consultation. Only a real experience can lead to a real review.
4. We publish all reviews. Whether they are positive or negative, the review is published on the doctor’s profile*.
This process reduces the total number of reviews as the process is slower and we compel the patient to check their emails while we're tracking the authenticity of the information. However, we know that when it comes to your health, quality is far more important than quantity. Knowing that there is a whole process with a team that monitors the information and that the reviews are real, helps ensure that we are truly helping patients.
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Patient reviews:

M.S. 25/02/2021

Dr Oliver Guttmann review


I had a truly exceptional experience with Dr. Guttmann. He is extremely professional, is able to communicate complicated concepts and issues in a clear and understandable way, while maintaining a calm, friendly and approachable manner. Highly recommend.

J.G. 25/02/2021

Mr Simon Smith review


Mr Smith was excellent & the waiting area by him was cleaned regularly. My only criticism for my visit was the time spent waiting for Radiology & the main waiting area was crowded, bearing in mind current situation & at no time were the chairs cleaned

l. 25/02/2021

Mr Pundrique Sharma review


Highly recommend

R. 25/02/2021

Dr Naveen Mudalagiri review


Clear diagnostics presented and very through analysis worked out main objective is to find solution from the the beginning. Thank you DR Mudalagiri.

M. 25/02/2021

Dr Benjamin Wakerley review


Very thorough examination. Immediately identified courses of action. As an initial appointment I was pleased with the outcome and the speed with the follow up.

G.T. 25/02/2021

Mr Shahzad Raja review


Mr Raja brings a no nonsense pragmatic approach to you at a time when you are very unwell and need assurance and confidence. He is a great communicator and takes you effortlessly on a challenging journey through surgery and beyond. Huge respect for him!

R.D. London 25/02/2021

Dr Abbi Lulsegged review


amazing patient and honest doctor who truly listens and wants to the best for you.

A.E. 25/02/2021

Dr Aathavan Loganayagam review


The whole journey was perfect and the whole team helped calm my nerves during the process. Information/documentation required from me was straight forward and I was very well looked after through my whole visit.

P.F. 25/02/2021

Dr Benjamin Wakerley review


Very professional and reassuring.

T.J. 25/02/2021

Mr Shahzad Raja review


First class heart surgeon who successfully operated on me twelve months ago. Can’t praise him enough, absolutely excellent!

S.W. 25/02/2021

Dr Benjamin Wakerley review


Amazing visit.

A.&. 25/02/2021

Mr Shahzad Raja review


Mr Raja and his amazing team are miracle makers. His expertise, experience and reassuring manner, gave us the very best help when we needed it most. Although extremely busy, he took time to explain everything to us, then delivered our Christmas miracle!

P.R. London 25/02/2021

Professor Keyoumars Ashkan review


Everything was excellent.

K.P. 24/02/2021

Dr Kishor Tewary review


We met with Dr Tewary for help with our 5yr olds day time and night time wetting and we would certainly recommend him to others.His quiet manner suited our son very well and he quickly gained his trust.We are progressing well following his clear strategy.

A.M. 24/02/2021

Dr Danny Mitry review


I couldn't be happier with the treatment, professionalism and honesty of Mr Mitry. I can see better than I have in 40 years after cataract surgery. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending him.

E.V. 24/02/2021

Dr Aathavan Loganayagam review


Both the Doctor and the Staff were incredibly helpful and professional.

I.T. 24/02/2021

Mr Omar Abu-Bakr review


Fantastic doctor.....explains procedures well....great sense of humour....warm and friendly manner....felt completely confident he would do a great job...which he did...thank you

M. 24/02/2021

Dr Marina Fernando review


An excellent doctor super friendly which made me not even think about the procedure I was having done. The whole experience was quick easy and relaxing considering I was nervous about the day.

G.B. 24/02/2021

Mr Prasad Kothari review


Since my treatment in 2017 at Luton and Dunstable I have always looked up to Dr Kothari. He has been open, Honest and has inspiring me. He has always asked how i was doing and checked if i was fine. I do enjoy seeing him as he always reassures me.


Mr Rozh Jalil review


أنا ممتن للدكتور جليل. زرته من الكويت. كان لدي مشكلة في المثانة. عالجني بالبوتوكس وأشعر بالعودة إلى طبيعتي. أتمنى لكم كل التوفيق دكتور جليل

D. 24/02/2021

Mr Rohit Jain review


I am very pleased with the advice and treatment . Time will tell how effective it is and I was pleased to hear there is a prospect of further treatment if necessary.

D. 24/02/2021

Mr Ali Noorani review


Ali Noorani has helped me overcome significant problems with my shoulders. He has helped make decisions on operations versus physio.

J.B. 24/02/2021

Dr Malcolm Burgess review


Dr Burgess is an exceptional doctor. He has a great ability to relate to his patient, clearly explains the diagnosis and the treatment, and is readily available to provide further support and advice as needed. I recommend him unreservedly.

C.P. 24/02/2021

Mr Sanjay Purkayastha review


Really warm and empathetic consultant. I met him 3-4 years ago and returned immediately to him to hopefully allay my concerns.

K. 24/02/2021

Mr Dipen Menon review


Every time I have seen Mr Menon he has been exceptional with his advice, care, and consideration all through the time I was admitted to hospital with my injury, the pre treatment, the operation and the after care he has given has been outstanding!

M.D. 24/02/2021

Dr Nathan John Anthony review


Couldn't have asked for a better experience.

A.A. 24/02/2021

Dr Kishor Tewary review


Excellent advice and followup.

T.R. 24/02/2021

Dr Nathan John Anthony review


Dr Anthony was fantastic in my dealings with him. Very knowledgeable and understanding, and really seems keen to help with your mental health journey. Would highly recommend

L.M. 24/02/2021

Mr Nick Koutroumanos review


Dr Koutroumanos’s pre and post op care was excellent. Provided a detailed diagnosis and treatment options including pros and cons. Very approachable and reassuring throughout. An extremely gifted and skilled surgeon. Would wholeheartedly recommend!

K.C. 24/02/2021

Mr Mohsin Dani review


I received 1st class care during all my appointments, assessments and treatments with Mr Dani and all staff working alongside him. Would highly recommend.

J. 24/02/2021

Mr Sanjay Purkayastha review


By far the best surgeon I have had! He is very professional in his manner yet remains kind, caring and very reassuring. He has been very supportive towards me since having my gastric bypass 4 years ago and filled me with confidence throughout my journey.

M. 24/02/2021

Dr Laith Al-Rubaiy review


Delighted with the level of care provided by Dr Al-Rubaiy

A.W. 24/02/2021

Dr Edward John Despott review


This was a phone consultation - "Facility's features" was therefore N/A and you need an option. Dr Despott was extremely caring, knowledgeable and spent far more time getting to the root of the problem than we ever expected in order to suggest a remedy,

P. 24/02/2021

Miss Nadia Rahman review


Very pleased with the way everything went , so happy to have had the operation.

W. 24/02/2021

Mr Sanjay Purkayastha review


Very reassuring and relaxing consultation – outstandingly professional.

K. 24/02/2021

Mr Paul Roblin review


Excellent surgeon with everything explained for pre and post surgery. Fantastic after care - apptmnt given next day for any issues with wounds. Excellent results!

R.M. Cardiff 24/02/2021

Mr Daniel Phillip Thomas review


Everything was great

K. 24/02/2021

Mr Sanjay Purkayastha review


Amazing. Sanjay went above and beyond my expectations. Was happy he kept me updated at each stage. He also spent time talking to my family which was important. Special thanks to all his staff who went beyond my expectations

J. 24/02/2021

Mr S Alam Hannan review


Mr Hannam is absolutely wonderful with such a wonderful manner he made me feel Totaly at ease can’t thank him enough

S.S. 24/02/2021

Mr Alun Yewlett review


Wonderful experience at Keep Clinic. Mr Yewlett and all the staff were all very friendly and professional. Mr Yewlett really took his time to explain my condition with me as well as my treatment options. I highly recommend this clinic.

C.T. 24/02/2021

Mr Parijat Bhattacharjee review


A really good experience!

J.F. 24/02/2021

Mr Mohsin Dani review


Nothing to improve on. A little wait to check in at reception but this was due to the pandemic.

A. 24/02/2021

Mr Paul Roblin review


I had excellent, kind and supportive care from Mr. Roblin and his team including his personal secretary. Would highly recommend.

C. 24/02/2021

Mr Hazem Khout review


Professional and courteous Doctor, all hospitality staff friendly and welcoming

M.F. London 24/02/2021

Dr Amelia Davison review


Dr Davison is friendly, kind, and very happy to answer any questions. She definitely helps her patients feel comfortable. I left the appointment feeling better educated and assured. The wait time was mere minutes and the staff was following all COVID protocols.

Z.K. 24/02/2021

Dr Edward John Despott review


Dr Despott is an excellent doctor. He took into account my concerns and was reassuring through the entire process. Highly recommended.

A.L. London 24/02/2021

Dr Katia Cikurel review


Dr Cikurel was very professional and prepared and answered all my enquiries. Would definitely recommend her.

A.B. 24/02/2021

Mr Hazem Khout review


I couldn't have felt happier with my appointment. It was so efficient that I was in and out within an hour having scans and my consultation. I left feeling reassured.

A. 24/02/2021

Dr Niket Patel review


Due to my time restrictions, I was able to have two consultations with Dr Patel and many necessary tests in about 7 days. Dr Patel's explanation was thorough.

P.S. 24/02/2021

Mr Paul Leeder review


Very professional and reassuring throughout whole experience.

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