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Alberto E. Porciani
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Up to 05/12/2023
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What does our authentication system involve?
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4. We publish all reviews. Whether they are positive or negative, the review is published on the doctor’s profile*.
This process reduces the total number of reviews as the process is slower and we compel the patient to check their emails while we're tracking the authenticity of the information. However, we know that when it comes to your health, quality is far more important than quantity. Knowing that there is a whole process with a team that monitors the information and that the reviews are real, helps ensure that we are truly helping patients.
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Patient reviews:

A.N. 05/12/2023

Mr Sathya Murthy review


Mr Murthy was professional and polite. The consultant and nursing team etc took care of me and put me at ease. The whole experience went very well.

I.B. 05/12/2023

Dr Kamila Hortynska review


I cannot thank Dr Hortynska enough for the incredible work she has done for and with me. I came to her deeply depressed and lost and through working with her have been inspired to get my life in order and heal longstanding issues. I cannot recommend working with her enough.

C.S. 05/12/2023

Dr Hamza Ahmed review


This has been a really great experience so far. I'm only one day after my transplant but can really tell already how great my new hair line will be. They even filled a small area on my crown as part of my deal. It's a long day, but you are well looked after and all the staff are very kind. There is more to the aftercare than I realised. But they put together a good package to get you through. I'm the 3rd of my friendship group to have this done and hopefully will get the results they had.

S.P. 05/12/2023

Mr Vaughan Tanner review


Mr Vaughan put me at ease from start to finish, remarkable man.

S.M. 05/12/2023

Dr Samr Dawood review


I have never met a doctor like dr dawood he is professional, kind and supportive. Anything I haven’t understood he has explained to me throughly. I would highly recommend him.

M. 05/12/2023

Mr Nijil Vasukutty review


Mr Nijil Vasukutty has been a very good doctor, he has kept me informed throughout the operation and treatment process Thank you very much

E. 05/12/2023

Mr George Vasilikostas review


Dr George is an amazing doctor! He’s very professional, attentive and kind. He really listens and made me feel safe. He is very experienced and treated me with much care, very thorough with explanation and accurate when taking my medical history. Definitely recommend.

A. 05/12/2023

Miss Sarah Mills review


Miss Mills is very professional, thorough and easy to talk with. I have no hesitation recommending her.

A. 05/12/2023

Dr Aathavan Loganayagam review


Great treatment, easy conversation. Thanks a lot

P.R. 05/12/2023

Mr Keng Jin Ng review


Today's visit with Dr. Ng exceeded expectations. His warmth, knowledge, and clear communication instilled great confidence in our treatment pathway. I highly recommend him for his expertise, empathy, and professionalism. Grateful for his outstanding care.

S.P. 05/12/2023

Dr Jacqueline Lewis review


Such an amazing doctor. Had my non surgical rhinoplasty with her and couldn’t be more happier about it.

C.L. 05/12/2023

Mr Stephen Lipscombe review


Lovely consultant with a human touch who made me feel at ease. Thoroughly professional.

T.H. 05/12/2023

Mr George Asimakopoulos review


A replacement heart valve and 2 valve repairs, were followed by infection and a non healing sternum. However, I felt well looked after throughout the 6 operations and I was visited at least once a day by Mr Asimakopoulos who kept me fully informed.

C. 05/12/2023

Dr Aleksandar Godic review


Dr Godic has now become my go-to consultant for any dermatology related issues. He is knowledgable and understanding and has a great technique for mole removal.

W.M. 05/12/2023

Mr Foued Hamza review


I am so delighted with the results of my fat transfer to breasts. Dr Hamza is very experienced and skilled, so as a result the changes to my body are a huge improvement. I had lost so much volume in my breasts over the years and now my body looks 15 years younger. Thank you!

B.L. 05/12/2023

Mr George Asimakopoulos review


Mr. Asimakopoulos is a very caring surgeon who listens to his patients and really looks after them and their needs family's needs.

L.P. 05/12/2023

Miss Katherine George review


During the consultation phase she was very approachable and ensured that I fully understood everything and the surgery itself went very well.

S.S. 05/12/2023

Dr Jay Mukherjee review


I was completely satisfied with my experience consulting with Dr Mukherjee

J.K. 05/12/2023

Mr Billy Jowett review


I would recommend Mr Jowett to anybody experiencing foot pain . His diagnosis of my problem and the procedure required to rectify was 1st class !

D.G. 05/12/2023

Dr Kamila Hortynska review


Dr Kamila has been really helpful from the start. She came highly recommended and has certainly not disappointed. I have worked with her for several months and we have made loads of progress. She is very professional and a joy to work with!

A. 05/12/2023

Dr Emily Lord review


Friendly and great service, Dr Lord made me feel very comfortable at my appointment and I would highly recommend!

A.W. 05/12/2023

Dr Nikolaos Anatoliotakis review


Excellent thanks.

M.S. 05/12/2023

Dr Allan Harkness review


Appointment on time. Dr Harkness very friendly and very easy to understand. He fully explained the situation and any future treatment which may be required.

G.Y. 05/12/2023

Mr Moataz El-Husseiny review


I am full of praise for the treatment received. Everyone who has seen my scar are amazed at how small it is. Thankyou Dr El-Husseiny. Fantastic job

F.T. 04/12/2023

Mr Nicholas Eynon-Lewis review


Unfortunately, I cannot recommend Mr Eynon-Lewis... I was coughing for over a month, waiting for my CT scan results (which he advised), his secretary was then on holiday, no other way to contact him for a week and a half... Still hasn't called me with the results 2 months later..

P.M. 04/12/2023

Dr Eugene Ong review


Excellent. Professional and caring.

A.D. 04/12/2023

Mr Martin Sinclair review


Quality of treatment received, waiting time and aftercare m, Excellent

R.Y. 04/12/2023

Mr Amit Putti review


Outstanding service. Very knowledge, empathetic and timely. Would recommend

E. 04/12/2023

Mr Andrew Logan review


Excellent service

J.J. 04/12/2023

Dr Daniela Rossi review


Super helpful sessions where Daniella listens actively and shares so many helpful tools/books to address a situation and help me put things into perspective

S. 04/12/2023

Professor Panayiotis Kyzas review


Professor Kyzas had already performed an operation for maxilla cancer July 2022 and this operation on my mouth went very smooth with no delay and excellent service from Professor Kyzas and his team. Thank you very much for all your help

J.B. 04/12/2023

Mr Ross Elledge review


All the team were brilliant! Totally putting me at ease. Finished result fantastic, Dr Elledge is a very clever man. Many, many thanks to all xx

B.S. 04/12/2023

Dr Eugene Ong review


Dr Ong couldn't have been more helpful or straightforward when diagnosing my father's skin cancer at One Hatfield. From diagnosis to excision took less than two hours, which was incredible. We feel fortunate to have met him and received his care. We recommend him wholeheartedly.

m.A. 04/12/2023

Dr Roshan Thawale review


very helpfull and attentive

S.M. 04/12/2023

Ms Pushpakala Maharajan review


The doctor was lovely and really put my mind at ease.

D.A. 04/12/2023

Dr Richard Shaffer review


I highly recommend Dr Shaffer as a leading expert in his field. My treatment seems to have arrested both conditions (hand and foot), and it was carried out very easily in a lovely environment.

M.P. 04/12/2023

Dr Kavita Poply review


Dr Poply has been instrumental in easing my back pain. Thorough, kind, patient and knowledgeable, it's been a pleasure receiving treatment.

P.S. 04/12/2023

Dr Roshan Thawale review


I was in severe pain with bilateral sciatica caused by lumbar stenosis. Dr Thawale prescribed pain relief and gave me a lumbar epidural, calming things down considerably. After surgery I had a further episode of severe pain; this time he gave me a caudal epidural, all is now fine

J. 04/12/2023

Mr Will Dean review


I have been absolutely delighted with the care and attention given to me by Mr Dean and the team at Tetbury Hospital. telling everyone what a superb experience

S. 04/12/2023

Dr Jay Mukherjee review


The care and support has been excellent.

H. 04/12/2023

Mr Jonathan Joseph review


Mr Joseph was really helpful and informative. My consultation was quick and I walked out feeling very positive. Everybody else that I interacted with (Catherine and Hanan) had extremely likeable personalities whilst upholding a high level of professionalism. Thank you! :-)

R.L. 04/12/2023

Dr Ian Mann review


I found it very efficient - no waiting, all very slick

A.M. London 04/12/2023

Mr Gordon Muir review


Very thorough consultation and great quality of care.

M.V. 04/12/2023

Dr Dhiya Houssien review


Fantastic customer service and treatment! I would advise anywhere that is in the UK.

G.B. 04/12/2023

Mr Fortune Iwuagwu review


Brilliant services and an amazing recovery time, following a Dupuytren's contracture operation.

C.L. 04/12/2023

Mr Shakeel Puri review


Mr Puri and his team are very helpful and so very patient with my Son. They took the time to wait and sit and talk for my Son to feel comfortable definitely rec

P.N. 04/12/2023

Dr Muhammed Raashed review


diagnosis very good and clearly explained, good customer empathy apart from occasional lapses, overall would be happy to recommend him to friends

J.W. 04/12/2023

Mr Shakeel Puri review


Since I've come here I have been taken care of by mr puri with my vision and any help i needed. All the staff are very helpful and nice. I would recommend to all family's as they are the best I have found.

R.S. 04/12/2023

Mr Andrew Logan review


Explanations are very clear, just the doctor you want when having a procedure done.

S.L. 04/12/2023

Dr Oliver Guttmann review


I was very impressed and would gladly recommend him to other patients

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