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Alberto E. Porciani
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Up to 10/08/2022
We know how important patient comments and ratings are, so much so, that 75% of people check reviews before making a decision. This is why at Top Doctors we guarantee the authenticity of all reviews and we make sure that all comments made are real and genuine. This means that we verify all reviews through an authentication system.
What does our authentication system involve?
1. Patients who have booked an appointment through Top Doctors may leave a review.
2. Doctors can also obtain reviews from all of their in-person appointments and e-Consultations.
3. All reviews are from patients who went to their appointment or e-Consultation. Only a real experience can lead to a real review.
4. We publish all reviews. Whether they are positive or negative, the review is published on the doctor’s profile*.
This process reduces the total number of reviews as the process is slower and we compel the patient to check their emails while we're tracking the authenticity of the information. However, we know that when it comes to your health, quality is far more important than quantity. Knowing that there is a whole process with a team that monitors the information and that the reviews are real, helps ensure that we are truly helping patients.
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Patient reviews:

M. 10/08/2022

Mr Ben Okafor review


Such a caring, patient man

S.A. London 10/08/2022

Dr Phillip Fletcher review


Wonderful bed side manner. Very considerate, took the time to understand the challenges. Dealt wonderfully with language issues and very very empathetic. Thank you.

S.B. 10/08/2022

Professor Andrew Sidebottom review


The process for securing an appointment for a scan is a little random as you need to keep checking with the department to ensure your appointment is being progressed but once there the people and facilities are first class

P.D. 10/08/2022

Mr David Elson review


Excellent all round service, thank you!

S.H. 10/08/2022

Mr Samuel Jayaraj review


Cannot recommend Dr Jayaraj highly enough, he diagnosed and snipped our baby’s tongue tie in less than 15 seconds! Thank you so much

M.J. 10/08/2022

Mr Ziali Sivardeen review


An amazing man an amazing consultant! So kind and so sympathetic. He saw me though such terrible pain and made me whole again! I could not recommend him enough.

D.A. Brighton 10/08/2022

Dr Adam J. de Belder review


An excellent experience. Highly recommended.

T.E. 10/08/2022

Mr Simon Brewster review


Very considerate and understanding consultation

u.h. 10/08/2022

Mr Ben Okafor review


excellent care- very experienced and knowledgeable spine surgeon. Will do the best to help you.

J.A. 10/08/2022

Dr Sue Peacock review


The best things about Dr Sue are her kind gentle approach, wisdom and flexibility. I’ve come away after a year of sessions feeling that I know myself so much better than I did and confident that I’m able to tackle future challenges on my own. So grateful.

C. 10/08/2022

Mr Ben Okafor review


Very pleased with my treatmens

M.C. 10/08/2022

Mr Ben Okafor review


He is an amazing and kind doctor!!!

N.H. 10/08/2022

Mr Ben Okafor review


i am very happy with mr okafor and the teatment i am getting from him

E.E. 10/08/2022

Mr Samuel Jayaraj review


Really pleased with the consultation. The consultant explained everything very clearly and put my mind at rest

M. 10/08/2022

Mr Samuel Jayaraj review


I took my 17 year old son and when we left he said Mum he was so lovely and kind and had such a great personality….thankfully at the moment we don’t have to return but if I needed an ENT I wouldn’t hesitate to go back or recommend

M.D. London 10/08/2022

Dr Bushra Al-Rubeyi review


Excellent appointment, took a good history and I left feeling like we had a clear plan to proceed. Very quick to call and discuss test results. Made me feel more confident that we were thoroughly investigating the problem.

E.P. 10/08/2022

Dr Sandra Garcia Martin review


I have loved the empathy and understanding shown by Dr Sandra over my course of treatment. She has walked me through each stage, step by step and has adapted to my needs, finding solutions that work for me. I feel valued and supported in her care. Best of all, I smile, often!

B. 10/08/2022

Mr Ben Okafor review


I’ve been extremely happy with everything Mr Okafor has done for me so far

F. 10/08/2022

Mr Ben Okafor review


A great experience all round

R.H. 10/08/2022

Mr Ben Okafor review


Always an honest, caring and friendly approach to both consultation and treatments/surgeries. On top of all aspects of care and recovery, and fully involved with his patients. After multiple sucessful surgeries, I would both return and recommend happily.

B.M. Newcastle upon Tyne 10/08/2022

Dr Abbas Khushnood review


I would highly recommend.

S.H. 10/08/2022

Mr John Awad review


Lovely Doctor, made me feel very comfortable and at ease. I would highly recommend him and would be very happy to continue being treated by Dr Awad.

Y.Z. 10/08/2022

Dr Aathavan Loganayagam review


They are very friendly. I have had done regular scopy check in another hospital and it was pain. So I choose sedation this time. It was really smooth and no pain. I strongly recommend sedation.

T. 10/08/2022

Dr Gerald Coakley review


Excellent care and attention given. Diagnosis and medication accurate from the first consultation.

G. 10/08/2022

Mr Harbhajan Plaha review


Just a really nice guy working with a really good team and facilities

M. 10/08/2022

Dr Teresa Gomez Alemany review


Dr Gones took time to understand our situation and be open minded about the solutions. She had a nurturing approach.

D.M. London 10/08/2022

Mr Alun Yewlett review


This appointment did not take place as Mr Yewlett was on holiday.

A.F. 10/08/2022

Mr Rohit Jain review


A very positive experience. Mr. Jain clearly understands what patient centred care means. Very reassuring, taking the time to ensure I fully understood the diagnosis and treatment options.

I.G. 10/08/2022

Dr Saifee Abbas Mullamitha review


Brilliant Oncologist, I probably wouldn’t still be around if it wasn’t for Dr Mullamitha. Very caring and understanding and always has time for us. Always quick to respond to phone calls and emails, I would highly recommend Dr Mullamitha and his team.

P.C. 10/08/2022

Mr Rohit Jain review


Very welcoming. Excellent explanation of what was required and how it would be done

A.M. 10/08/2022

Mr Sanjay Agrawal review


I cannot fault Mr Agrawal at all. Very caring and passionate about what he does and I've been made to feel very important and relaxed about my whole experience so far.

J.L. London 10/08/2022

Professor Richard Keen review


Excellent service

T.R. 10/08/2022

Dr Bhavik Modi review


Took to time to explain options. Honest and Trustworthy. Lovely doctor.

O.B. 10/08/2022

Mr Mansoor Foroughi review


Excellent in every regard.

A.M. Chelmsford 10/08/2022

Mr Simon Smith review


Very professional and put me at ease. Answered any questions I had. Very happy with my first appointment. Would definitely recommend.

S.N. 10/08/2022

Mr Aza Mohammed review


First class medical service from Mr Mohammed and also his secretary. I have no hesitation in recommending him.

J.F. 09/08/2022

Mr David Elson review


Mr Elson is the consummate professional in all regards. Approachable and knowledgeable, he provides clarity regarding potential courses of action for the patient, helping them choose their preferred care route. He offers support throughout the care journey. My preferred surgeon.

G. 09/08/2022

Mr Iraj Zeynali review


Grateful for making such a difference enhancing quality of life. Realise how much discomfort and pain has now been removed by Mr Zeynali. Reasurance was given throughout minimising any stress and anxiety.

I.E. 09/08/2022

Mr Bart Decadt review


Brilliant surgeon's keeps you informed at all stages, would highly recommend Mr Decadt, I am so pleased with Bart I have already recommended him to a friend.

A.B. 09/08/2022

Dr Saifee Abbas Mullamitha review


Listens intently and is easy to get along with. Good to feel that he’s taking care of me.

S. 09/08/2022

Mr Osama Naji review


Overall very happy. Recovered well and the care I received was fantastic.

L. 09/08/2022

Professor Owen Judd review


Professor Judd is an excellent doctor . He has helped me with a problem that has been bothering me for a very long time . His communication skills are excellent , he is also very kind, gentle and reassuring .

J.M. 09/08/2022

Dr Omar Abu-Bakr review


Dr Abu-Bakr is very friendly and approachable. He explained everything very well. I would recommend him to anyone considering varicose vein surgery.

S.F. 09/08/2022

Dr Raj Mallipeddi review


Dr. Mallipedi is one of the top doctors in his field. His knowledge means that he can provide the best treatment out there for his patients. I saw excellent results myself.

a.r. 09/08/2022

Dr Joel David review


The doctor was on time, polite and very professional. The office was attractive and comfortable and clean. No staff were present, but none were needed. Excellent overall.

S.L. 09/08/2022

Mr Maisam Fazel review


I have nothing but praise for Maizam Fasel.

L. 09/08/2022

Dr Annegret Dahlmann-Noor review


Caring and competent doctor

P.Y. 09/08/2022

Mr Constantin Durnea review


At Spire Harpenden Hospital, all staff and Consultants are very understanding, caring and considerate, making what can be a very upsetting and stressful time, reassuring.

J.t. 09/08/2022

Dr Raj Mallipeddi review


I was very happy with my treatment from Dr Mallipeddi

M.D. 09/08/2022

Professor Owen Judd review


I was very satisfied with Professor Judd

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