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“Patient opinions are one of the pillars of Top Doctors, they are part of our selection process and our transparency process“.

Alberto E. Porciani
CEO Top Doctors Europe & LATAM

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Up to 15/11/2019
We know how important patient comments and ratings are, so much so, that 75% of people check reviews before making a decision. This is why at Top Doctors we guarantee the authenticity of all reviews and we make sure that all comments made are real and genuine. This means that we verify all reviews through an authentication system.
What does our authentication system involve?
1. Patients who have booked an appointment through Top Doctors may leave a review.
2. Doctors can also obtain reviews from all of their in-person appointments and e-Consultations.
3. All reviews are from patients who went to their appointment or e-Consultation. Only a real experience can lead to a real review.
4. We publish all reviews. Whether they are positive or negative, the review is published on the doctor’s profile*.
This process reduces the total number of reviews as the process is slower and we compel the patient to check their emails while we're tracking the authenticity of the information. However, we know that when it comes to your health, quality is far more important than quantity. Knowing that there is a whole process with a team that monitors the information and that the reviews are real, helps ensure that we are truly helping patients.
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Patient reviews:

M.E. 14/11/2019

Dr Chinedu Nwokoro review


Dr Nwokoro was friendly, approachable and very informed. We felt confident in and very satisfied with his level of care and knowledge of the area.

R.J. London 14/11/2019

Mr Paul Herbert review


very happy with this initial consultation

T.E. 14/11/2019

Mr Aza Mohammed review


Mr Mohammed's explanation of what he had done and what the scan showed, and any implications for the future were absolutely clear, and gave me full confidence.

J.C. London 14/11/2019

Mr Muti Abulafi review


Mr Abulafi is a very reassuring and excellent surgeon, who has helped me tremendously in the years that I have seen him.

V. Liverpool 14/11/2019

Mr Robert Hardy review


I would definitely rate Mr Hardy. He was very approachable and his explanation of my situation was clear and concise. Genuine nice guy too.

D.B. 13/11/2019

Mr Alex Chipperfield review


I felt my options were explained very well without feeling pressured into making any immediate decisions. Extremely pleasant Doctor.

D.B. 13/11/2019

Mr Alex Chipperfield review


Brilliant Consultant / Surgeon

J.C. 13/11/2019

Professor Owen Judd review


Professor Judd was professional yet friendly. He explained things in a clear comprehensive manner and was very reassuring. I would highly recommended.

V. 12/11/2019

Mr Nizar Hamadeh review


This man is an artist! Mr Hamadeh performed revision rhinoplasty on me after two previous unsuccessful surgeries. I am in love with my new nose! He is amazing!

A.S. 12/11/2019

Mr Ali Al-Sabti review


I have no hesitation in recommending Mr Ali Al-Sabti. I was in considerable pain and discomfort with my shoulder which he has repaired for me.

A. London 12/11/2019

Dr Ray Shidrawi review


It was truly a great experience and I have recommended Dr Shidrawi to other friends who need a gastroenterologist.

P.F. London 12/11/2019

Professor Pierre-Marc Bouloux review


Reception for phlebotomy area cramped and slow, otherwise excellent experience

B.W. London 12/11/2019

Professor Martin R Cowie review


I was very happy with my visit and found everybody with whom I dealt very professional and friendly.

s.b. 12/11/2019

Mr Simon Brewster review


I have found Simon to be very professional and has a good manner.

N.K. London 12/11/2019

Dr Maria Papadopoulou review


I did dr maria's visit and everything was perfect .. dr was very good and communicative making me feel very comfortable ... the best clinic of doctor Maria Thnk

S.R. 11/11/2019

Dr Aathavan Loganayagam review


I had a consultation with the Dr that was followed up with an endoscopy. He was with the staff brilliant & reassured me throughout it explaining my condition.

B.M. 11/11/2019

Mr Marc Laniado review


6 x Excellent. Mr Laniado goes the extra mile (even in late evening) - put his patient first

C. 11/11/2019

Professor Melvin Lobo review


This is what a real Consultant is like. A total professional and very helpful. He got my Hypertension issue resolved in 3 days.

S.P. 11/11/2019

Mr Simon Brewster review


I would highly recommend Mr Brewster. I have had excellent treatment from start to finish with a very successful outcome.

D. 11/11/2019

Mr David Redfern review


Very good service, would recommend

H.R. 11/11/2019

Mr David Redfern review


Mr Redfern was professional yet friendly. He explained things in a clear comprehensive manner and was very reassuring. I would highly recommended.

C.E. 10/11/2019

Dr Aathavan Loganayagam review


I would absolutely recommend Dr Loganayagam. He completely put me at ease and explained everything to me. He made sure to answer any questions or concerns.

N.B. 10/11/2019

Mr Jas Kalsi review


Thoroughly happy with treatment and care provided from the first point of contact to the last. Communication was excellent every step of the way.

I. 10/11/2019

Mr James Nicholl review


Yes, I would definitely recommend Mr Nicholl. I found him to be very experienced, knowledgable, friendly and reassuring.

B. 10/11/2019

Mr Jas Kalsi review


Treatment has not been a success in fact has worsened the situation.

M. 09/11/2019

Mr Simon W Sturdee review


First class service

M.S. 09/11/2019

Mr Jas Kalsi review


Very reassuring visit to the specialist

a.t. 09/11/2019

Professor Melvin Lobo review


He offered me a number of tests but he dismissed me without treating me for a bacterial infection that was shown on the bloods and later caused me a pneumonia

B. 09/11/2019

Professor Melvin Lobo review


Clinically highly competent, personable and a rare find. Highly recommended

E.B. Birmingham 09/11/2019

Dr Moumita Chattopadhyay review


Excellent experience on the day. Not such a good experience beforehand, my chosed appointment time was changed, then Top drs sent wrong confirmation on email

b.i. 08/11/2019

Mr Simon Brewster review


He explained the procedure clearly and answered all my questions. I would recommend his services and the hospital facilities.

S.L. 08/11/2019

Mr Jas Kalsi review


Very easy and open discussions on diagnosis and treatment

G.J. 08/11/2019

Mr Jas Kalsi review


Mr Jas Kalsi appointments/treatments are outstanding. He got to the main cause of my issue straight away and the results are again outstanding. Highly recommend

S. 08/11/2019

Mr Jas Kalsi review


Him as a doctor I cannot fault. He is amazing at what he does and provides the best treatment and care where needed.

R.H. 08/11/2019

Mr Jas Kalsi review


Excellent care and fast efficient service. Would highly recommend.

F.C. 08/11/2019

Mr Jas Kalsi review


Everything was perfect from booking the first appointment, arrangement of tests-through diagnosis to discharge . Cannot recommend highly enough.

L.M. 08/11/2019

Dr John Tanner review


A wonderful clinic! Friendly, efficient staff dealt with my booking, and Dr Tanner was professional and knowledgeable in addressing my concerns with my knee.

S. London 07/11/2019

Dr Brian O'Connor review


Outstanding clinician , knowledgeable, sharp, caring , efficient and thorough . As a consultant myself we felt very grateful for his excellent clinical

M. 07/11/2019

Mr Simon Brewster review


I was very well looked after by Mr Brewster and his team and the operation was a great success and life changing for me.

S.P. 07/11/2019

Mr Simon Brewster review


The medical staff and facilities were excellent, the admin less so: they were often slow to respond and made several careless errors, including renaming me..

M.E. London 07/11/2019

Professor Jeremy Levy review


Dr. expert, honest and sincere ,he promised to send a full report including what took place between us by email, but after 3 days I did not receive it, perhaps he is busy,I hope to receive it soon.

T.J. Birmingham 07/11/2019

Dr Dougall McCorry review


I carefully selected this doctor she was not disappointed. He was very friendly, he listened carefully and was extremely understanding. Excellent

M.H. 07/11/2019

Mr Simon Brewster review


Mr Brewster is first rate on every account! I have been seeing him for approx 4 years, including 2 biopsies. He is considerate and a very good communicator.

L.S. 07/11/2019

Dr Moumita Chattopadhyay review


Dr.Chattopadhyay, has been treating me for the last 14 months, she answers any questions and concerns I have, even outside the appointment would recommend

L.N. 06/11/2019

Mr Juling Ong review


Mr Ong has extraordinary surgical skill, professionalism and thoroughness and an ability to put patients and parents at ease. The very highest quality of care.

s.a. 06/11/2019

Mr Jas Kalsi review


Mr Kalsi was very professional and helpful. We made the right choice with Mr Kalsi. Thank you once again

J.C. 06/11/2019

Dr Aathavan Loganayagam review


Knowledgable and helpful. Many Thanks

L.R. 06/11/2019

Dr Maite Ferrin review


Dr Ferrin is an astute, straightforward, reassuring doctor who is very good with my teenage daughter and explains things to her in an unpatronising way

K.H. 06/11/2019

Mr Jas Kalsi review


Mr Kalsi was excellent throughout , giving detailed explanations to my problem and the options available

F.M. 06/11/2019

Dr Maite Ferrin review


Dr Ferrin's thorough understanding clinical assessment of my son's mental health changed our whole families lives for the better.

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