Breast lift surgery: do I need one and how much will it cost me?

Autore: Mr Navid Jallali
Editor: Bronwen Griffiths

As women age and have children, the bodies, of course, change too. Some women’s breasts become droopy, either because of pregnancy, or merely as a result of gravity over time. Whilst many women are not concerned by these changes, some women do seek comfort in having breast uplift surgery (mastopexy) to lift their breasts and remove excess skin. Mr Navid Jallali, a leading plastic surgeon, explains how breast lift surgery is approached, and what patients can expect from the results.

How is breast lift surgery done?

A mastopexy or breast uplift is carried out usually under a general anaesthetic. There are a number of techniques available to lift the breast, and the operation used will depend on the shape, the size and the hang of the breasts. Mr Jallali will assist you fully and inform you of the type of mastopexy or uplift that you would benefit most from. Most patients will require an anchor-shaped scar in order to improve the shape, size and symmetry of the breast.

How long does a breast lift last?

In general, we tend to recommend patients to have a breast uplift after completing their family. This is because during pregnancy the circulating hormones, namely progesterone, can cause softening of the skin and for the breasts to drop down. If a breast uplift is carried out after pregnancy, then it is very rare to have to carry out a redo operation. The only instance in which this would happen is if the weight of the patient increases, and very occasionally, around the menopause the breasts can enlarge, and in that scenarios, a repeat breast uplift might be required.

Can you have a breast reduction and breast lift simultaneously?

There is a common misunderstanding of breast reduction and breast uplift surgeries, which are essentially a similar operation. We tend to use the term ‘breast reduction’ when more than 500 grams of breast tissue is removed, and a breast uplift or mastopexy when less than 500 grams of breast tissue is removed. Both operations are able to uplift the breast and the nipple/areola complex and can also end up with similar scars.

How much does a mastopexy cost?

This is dependent on the unit and the amount of uplift required. In my practice, a mastopexy is usually carried out under a general anaesthetic as a day-case, and in that scenario, the cost of breast surgery would be somewhere around £6,500-£7,000.


For those interested in finding out more about breast uplift surgery, make an appointment with an expert to enquire about the details and your suitability.

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