What is breast uplift surgery?

Written by: Mr Jonathan Britto
Published: | Updated: 04/12/2019
Edited by: Bronwen Griffiths

Breast uplift surgery is a procedure that involves the removal of loose, excess skin from around the breasts as well as re-shaping the breast tissue to produce a more youthful and firmer look. Mr Jonathan Britto, a leading plastic surgeon, details who might consider such a procedure, what it entails and what to expect.

Breast uplift surgery can be an alternative option to having breast implants where the surgeon uses the natural breast tissue to reshape and uplift the breasts into a natural, youthful position.

Who has breast uplift surgery?

Breast uplift surgery is usually requested by ladies who have a sagging breast balance with a lax breast and a low breast below the inframammary crease. The aim is to make the most of the natural breast volume by lifting the breast, reshaping it, and providing projection and support to the nipple-area-complex. The aim of the surgery is to uplift, reshape, and make the breast more youthful in its uplifted position.

When is breast uplift surgery combined with breast implants?

Breast uplift can be combined with breast implants in a single stage or in fact in two stages. When combined with breast implants in a single stage, the aim is to retain volume, uplift the breast and support it in its uplifted position with an implant. One of the issues with combination single-stage surgery is that it is often difficult to get that breast balance correct when you’re operating with an implant behind the breast and also uplifting the breast and it’s not uncommon to have a tidy up procedure as a second stage even after its planned single stage surgery. The two-stage approach is therefore often appreciated because it allows fine tuning at each stage.

Where are the scars for breast uplift surgery?

Breast uplift surgery can be done with a single scar around the areola of the nipple. In fact, it really depends upon the nature of the tissue balance. Where there’s an excess of skin, that skin requires to be removed and that requires extending the scar as a vertical scar between the areola and the inframammary crease and from side to side in an inverted anchor pattern.

Much of the scarring of breast uplift surgery really depends upon the bespoke requirements. The aim is to get the balance of the breast, the skin, and the nipple-areola position just right to provide an uplifted and shapely breast.


If you would like to learn more or are considering breast uplift surgery, make an appointment with a specialist.

By Mr Jonathan Britto
Plastic surgery

Mr Jonathan Britto is a leading consultant plastic surgeon based in London and Essex. With 15 years in plastic surgical consultancy, he has earned his reputation as one of the most respected and authoritative voices in plastic, reconstructive, and craniofacial surgery. His specialties include aesthetic and reconstructive facial surgery, where he brings the art and science of 25 years of study in facial development and restoration to his craft.

His clients also enjoy satisfying outcomes from his touch in aesthetic breast and body contour procedures.  At the cutting edge of his field, he is constantly developing and refining surgical and non - surgical techniques. Building a strong personal relationship with his clients is of utmost importance to him, and his philosophy in patient care is to inform, reassure, and give the required time to explain all the options for treatment.

His expertise is frequently called upon for complex and technically challenging cases, giving hope to many who might have lost trust. Meticulous in his craft he strives for the best, regularly presenting his results to peer review professional meetings around the world and in teaching sessions. He has written many books and book chapters, and learned papers for peer-reviewed journals on subjects from facial anatomy to craniofacial surgery to aesthetic rhinoplasty.

Mr Britto brings his professional authority and personal warmth to his patients and families, and provides a compassionate, welcoming service for the best possible clinical and personal outcomes.

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