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Gynaecomastia: causes, symptoms, and treatment

Gynaecomastia is a male-affecting condition whereby a man's breasts will experience abnormal growth. It is, unfortunately, an extremely common condtion that affects men of all ages, but one that thankfully can be effectively treated. In this article, esteemed consultant oncoplastic breast surgeon, Professor Philip Drew, provides a comprehensive analysis of gynaecomastia, outlining the causes, symptoms, and main treatment options.

Considering prophylactic mastectomy? An expert answers your questions

Prophylactic mastectomy is a preventative procedure which can be life-saving for women genetically presdisposed to developing breast cancer. In this article, highly esteemed consultant oncoplastic breast surgeon Mr Hazem Khout gives expert advice on what women should consider when deciding if they should opt for the procedure.

Part two: Plastic surgery during the COVID-19 pandemic

Our health services have reacted to the coronavirus in an efficient and effective way. However, other fields of treatment like plastic and reconstructive surgery, which may have been deemed 'non-essential' in March 2020 had to slow down or stop completely. In part two of this series of article from esteemed consultant plastic and reconstructive surgeon Mr Kelvin Ramsey, he talks to Top Doctors about how plastic surgery procedures changed during the pandemic and what happens if patients have COVID or COVID symptoms around the date of their operation.

Part one: Plastic surgery during the COVID-19 pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic undoubtedly affected all aspects of healthcare, including the field of aesthetic and reconstructive plastic surgery. In part one of this double article, Mr Kelvin Ramsey, a prominent consultant plastic and reconstructive surgeon, speaks to Top Doctors about the current provision for patients looking for these types of procedures. He also reflects on UK healthcare providers' impressive response in the height of what was a global emergency.

Considering a tummy tuck? Here's your informative need-to-know guide

An abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) surgical procedure is a highly effective way to remove excess skin and fat around the abdomen. In this all-you-need-to-know abdominoplasty guide, revered consultant plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgeon, Mr Hrsikesa Sharma, explains what the operation involves, who the ideal candidate for the surgery is, and what patients should do beforehand to help increase the chances of a successful tummy tuck surgery.

Considering a facelift? Here's your all-you-need-to-know guide

A facelift procedure can do wonders when it comes to rejuvenating the physical appearance of the face and can make patients look up to 15 years younger. In our latest article, revered expert London-based plastic surgeon, Mr Navid Jallali, describes what a typical facelift surgical procedure involves, and also reveals how long it typically takes for patients to fully recover from the facial operation.

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