VASER® LipoSelection aftercare instructions

Autore: Mr Alberto Di Giuseppe
Editor: Cal Murphy

After any plastic surgery procedure, it is very important to follow your surgeon’s post-op instructions. Proper aftercare is important to help your body to heal. The same is true after VASER® LipoSelection – a modern liposuction treatment that uses ultrasound to emulsify fat, which is used in body contouring. Renowned plastic surgeon Mr Alberto di Giuseppe is here with some advice:

Top tips for aftercare


  1. Try to remain active, but take it easy in the initial post-op period. Remaining upright will promote leakage of fluid. MLD (manual lymphatic drainage) sessions can be started on the same day or day 1 post-op.
  2. If wound closure strips have been applied try to avoid getting them wet for five days. If they accidentally come off, replace them with a plaster. Remove them after 5 days. Remove pads before showers and replace them afterwards with new dry pads and gauze. Don’t have a bath until all incisions are closed.
  3.  Keep the surgical compression garment on for the advised period – usually 72 hours for treatments on the face and under the chin (do not go to sleep with garments on the face if they are uncomfortably tight) and 10-14 days in other areas (tummy, love handles, thighs etc.). Thereafter, you can wear a shapewear garment a further 2-4 weeks for 6-10 hours a day. DO NOT use hot or cold packs (hot water bottles etc.) as these may scald you.
  4.  Usually a short course of antibiotics is prescribed for 3-5 days. Do not take any medication containing aspirin, ibuprofen or other anti-inflammatory drugs, as these may prolong bruising. Co-codamol may make you feel nauseous, drowsy or constipated.
  5. The access points may ooze fluid for the first 24-72 hours. This will be more than expected and you will require many absorbent pads. The clinic will supply a certain amount, but you will most likely require more.  Please stock up on these beforehand. It is wise to sleep on a mattress protector or old towels.  The leakage will gradually slow down. If you have drains inserted this will continue till the drains have been removed (usually 5-7 days). The colour of the fluid may vary from clear, pink to blood-coloured. When changing the dressings for the first time you may feel a little faint. Be sure to sit or lie down so as not to injure yourself.
  6.  Although this is a local anaesthetic procedure and there is no hospital stay required, you should still take it easy and not overexert yourself in the first 1-2 days.
  7.  Return to everyday activity as normal, avoiding vigorous activity (such as the gym or sport) for a two-week period. It is important to be very mobile and active. Do not wear tight belts or trousers/dresses as they may create creases around the midriff.
  8.  Sometimes you can develop quite uncomfortable post-treatment inflammatory lumps. These are generally more common in larger treatment areas like the abdomen. Gentle massage (MLD) together with wearing compression garments will help with this. It is important to do regular self-massage and stretching a few times a day. If hard lumps persist for more than 6 weeks and you are worried, please contact the clinic.
  9.  Remain vigilant and if you experience persistent or increasing swelling, skin redness or elevated temperature that may indicate infection, or bruising that is more than average, contact the clinic for advice.


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Mr Alberto Di Giuseppe
Chirurgia plastica, estetica e riparatrice

Alberto Di Giuseppe è un chirurgo plastico consulente riconosciuto a livello internazionale, che pratica presso rinomate cliniche dalle sue basi in Italia e nel Regno Unito. Le aree di interesse di Mr Di Giuseppe includono il trasferimento di grasso, il rimodellamento del corpo, la chirurgia del seno ed è un esperto nella procedura di sollevamento del calcio in Brasile . Pioniere delle tecniche di liposuzione, il sig. Di Giuseppe ha svolto un ruolo chiave nello sviluppo delle tecniche di aumento del seno che fanno uso del trasferimento del grasso, altrimenti noto come innesto di grasso. È in grado di offrire le più recenti tecniche di liposuzione, tra cui la liposuzione ad alta definizione e VASER.

Il signor Di Giuseppe ha una vasta esperienza in chirurgia plastica, ricostruttiva ed estetica, avendo eseguito oltre 6.000 procedure di liposcultura e oltre 900 procedure di aumento del seno. Ha anche un forte interesse per l'istruzione e ha tenuto conferenze in diverse parti del mondo. È stato insignito del titolo di professore associato presso la Lipoplasty University di Austin, Texas nel 2001, e professore associato di chirurgia estetica, plastica e ricostruttiva presso l'Università di Oradea, in Romania nel 2000. Il dott. Di Giuseppe è ampiamente pubblicato, con numerose pubblicazioni a il suo nome. Ha anche co-editato diversi libri sulla lipoplastica, in qualità di esperto mondiale di tecniche lipo assistite da ultrasuoni.

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