Fractured ankle

A fractured ankle is a break in one of the ankle bones (tibia, fibula and talus). These fractures may be partial (partially cracked bone), complete (perforated in two parts and bone) or may occur on one or both sides of the ankle. The injury may be caused by a fall or trauma. Symptoms may include pain and swelling in the injured ankle, unable to move or inability to bear weight. And, if the fracture is severe, you may notice that the parts of the fractured bone show through the skin. In the latter case, the injury may require surgery, including the use of metal pins, screws or plates to hold the bones in place while the fracture heals. If the ankle fracture is treated without surgery, it is likely that the patient must wear a cast for at least six weeks. Most people need at least a period of between six and ten weeks to fully recover from a broken ankle.

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