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Plastic surgery, Oral & maxillofacial surgery , Aesthetic medicine , Dermatology , Ophthalmology , Otolaryngology / ENT

Index What is a face lift? Why is it done? What does it involve? How to prepare for it Post-operative care What is a face lift? The face lift, or

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Facial aesthetics

Dentistry, Dermatology , Oral & maxillofacial surgery , Plastic surgery

What is facial aesthetics? The natural ageing process, lifestyle factors and the environment all contribute to unwanted wrinkles, fine lines, age spots and uneven skin tones. Facial aesthetics, otherwise known as facial rejuvenation treatments is the term used to describe non-surgical procedures that reduce the signs of ageing on the face. Why would someone need facial aesthetic treatments? Facial aesthetic treatments are used to give people a more...

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Facial fat transfer

Aesthetic medicine , Plastic surgery, Otolaryngology / ENT, Ophthalmology , Dermatology

What is facial fat transfer? Facial fat transfer makes use of fat taken from your own body to restore volume to certain areas of the face. Injections may be given in the cheeks, the lips, the furrows of the face, and around the eyes. What does it involve? Fat is taken from an area of the body using a syringe, and processed through...

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Facial feminisation surgery

Aesthetic medicine , Plastic surgery

What is facial feminisation surgery? The term “facial feminisation surgery” is used to describe a series of cosmetic surgical interventions which involve both bone and cartilage reshaping as well as soft tissue procedures. The aim of facial feminisation surgery is to individually restructure...

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Facial implants

Oral & maxillofacial surgery , Plastic surgery, Otolaryngology / ENT

What are facial implants? Facial implants are solid and voluminous implants that are used to modify the size of different areas of the face in order to harmonise the features. The most commonly used are facial implants for the chin, cheekbones, lips, jaw, forehead and the cleft above the upper lip...

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Facial nerve

Otolaryngology / ENT

What is the facial nerve? The facial nerve controls the muscles on the sides of the face, allowing us to smile, wink, cry, frown and make many other facial expressions. The facial nerve also helps us to control our facial movements when eating, drinking and speaking. There are two facial nerves – one on each side of the face which travels around the middle ear, exiting at the skull base and branching from the parotid gland. These branches allow motor function for all of the...

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Facial pain

Neurosurgery, Neurology, Pain medicine, Dentistry, Oral & maxillofacial surgery , Orthodontics, Physiotherapy, Otolaryngology / ENT, Paediatric otolaryngology

What is facial pain? Facial pain, or orofacial pain,refers to any kind of pain or discomfort in the area of the mouth and face. Often, the pain will present in the region of thetrigeminalnerve, which is the nerve that supplies the frontal part of the head and divides into the ophthalmic, maxillary and mandibular nerves. The pain...

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Facial paralysis

Oral & maxillofacial surgery , Aesthetic medicine , Ophthalmology , Otolaryngology / ENT, Paediatric ophthalmology , Physical medicine & rehabilitation, Physiotherapy, Plastic surgery, Paediatric otolaryngology

What is facial paralysis? Facial paralysis is a condition that causes partial or total motor paralysis of the facial nerve and, therefore, of the facial musculature. What are the symptoms of facial paralysis? The symptoms of facial paralysis include being...

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Facial plastic surgery

Oral & maxillofacial surgery , Otolaryngology / ENT, Plastic surgery

What is facial plastic surgery? Facial plastic surgery is a broad term covering cosmetic or reconstructive surgery performed on the head and neck. A facial plastic surgeon has a strong knowledge of facial anatomy and is highly skilled in procedures concerning the head and neck, either cosmetic or reconstructive. Specialised plastic surgeons are not the only doctors who may be suitably trained to perform facial plastic...

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Facial radiofrequency

Dermatology , Aesthetic medicine , Plastic surgery

What is a radiofrequency facial? Radiofrequency is a non-invasive aesthetic technique used on the face and body to contour, tighten skin and reduce sagging. The procedure is ideal for people who do not want to have cosmetic surgery. It’s a painless treatment that does not require anaesthesia or leaves marks or scars. The...

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