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ERCP: what is it, and how long does it last?

An ERCP is an endoscopy of the bile duct, and is commonly performed in order to either remove a stone or install a stent. In our latest article here, exceptionally well-regarded London-based consultant hepatologist Dr Deepak Joshi, details how to effectively prepare for the procedure, how long it takes, and what happens following the procedure.

Diagnosing liver conditions using Fibroscan

Some people may know one of the benefits of Fibroscan is that it's a convenient and non-invasive alternative to traditional liver biopsies, providing comprehensive results about liver health. However, what happens when you have one? Dr Deepak Joshi, a leading consultant hepatologist, has kindly put together an informative and comprehensive guide to what's involved in the hepatic procedure for Top Doctors' readers.

What is ascites?

We all experience abdominal discomfort from time to time. We might feel bloated; we might put on a little weight. However, sometimes, when these symptoms all come together, perhaps with shortness of breath, it can be an indication that our bodies are experiencing a build-up of fluid. Leading hepatologist Dr Deepak Joshi is here to explain ascites and how it can affect you.

Will my liver transplant be successful?

Every year, there are around 800 liver transplants in the UK. If you’re a patient on a waiting list, it’s natural to worry how long you’ll have to wait, and whether the operation will be successful. We spoke to leading consultant hepatologist Dr Deepak Joshi about the procedure and what patients can expect from it.

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