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The nStride injection - how it can help with osteoarthritis in the knee

Osteoarthritis in the knee has traditionally been managed with steroid injections to relieve pain, and in the end stage, a knee replacement. For younger patients neither of these treatments are ideal in the long term, so could a new treatment called the nStride injection offer a solution? We asked leading consultant orthopaedic surgeon Mr Charles Willis-Owen how the nStride injection works and how it differs from other therapies.

Which hip conditions can you treat using keyhole procedures?

Keyhole surgery techniques have revolutionized many areas of medicine, from knee and shoulder repair to stomach surgery and gallbladder removal. When it comes to the hip, keyhole surgery – or arthroscopy – has made a whole range of procedures easier and safer. We spoke to leading consultant orthopaedic surgeon Mr Sujith Konan to find out how hip arthroscopy works, what benefits it offers over open surgery and what conditions it can be used for.

Recovery after meniscus repair: what to expect

If you are planning to get the meniscus in your knee repaired you might be worried about the recovery period afterwards. We interviewed leading consultant orthopaedic surgeon Professor Paul Lee about how long it takes to get back to work or sport, what symptoms are normal in the recovery period, and to what extent you can regain your mobility after meniscus repair.

Why do people fear knee replacements more than hip replacements?

It’s true that people who are in need of a knee replacement due to knee arthritis are often more concerned about the operation than those who need their hip replaced. While it is perfectly normal to have concerns before any operation, knee replacements, when performed by an experienced knee surgeon, will have reliable results. We asked Mr Manoj Sood about the different concerns that people have before knee replacement surgery.

The most common hand and wrist injuries in sport

Most sports, particularly those involving balls and rackets involve some kind of contact with the hands and fingers. Some sports such as basketball or netball are prone to more hand injuries. It’s quite easy to injure, fracture or dislocate the fingers or knuckles with these sports. If pain and swelling don’t go away after a few days of rest, ice and anti-inflammatories, you should have your fingers or hand checked with an x-ray. Injured joints can stiffen very quickly, and once stiff, are difficult to get back to normal. Orthopaedic surgeon Miss Tanaya Sarkhel tells us more about common hand and wrist injuries.

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