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HIFU, the new way to treat varicose veins (part one)

HIFU stands for “High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound”. Basically, it is a completely non-invasive way to treat structures under the skin, by beaming ultrasound through the skin itself. Professor Mark Whiteley and his team at The Whiteley Clinic are the first to use HIFU to treat varicose veins and venous leg ulcers, among other conditions. Learn all about HIFU in this article!

What is endovenous laser ablation (EVLA)?

Endovenous laser ablation is a method of treating varicose veins using a laser and guided imaging to close damaged veins. While it treats underlying veins that lead to the bulging varicose veins that we see on the surface, EVLA alone doesn’t treat the visible surface veins. Professor Mark Whiteley tells us more about EVLA, when it was first used, how it works and how much it costs.

Understanding thrombophlebitis

When someone has thrombophlebitis, blood clots within the vein and this irritates the vein wall. A thrombus or blood clot is formed in the vein and as part of the healing process, the vein wall becomes inflamed. Together these factors cause the vein to become hard, tender, red and hot. Professor Mark Whiteley tells us exactly what thrombophlebitis is and the different types that exist.

Pelvic congestion syndrome: don’t suffer in silence

You might have never heard of pelvic congestion syndrome, but it’s estimated to affect nearly 10% of women . Pelvic congestion syndrome occurs when you get varicose veins in your pelvic area and these veins push on the bladder, bowel and pelvic floor. In this article we ask celebrated vascular surgeon Mr Mark Whiteley what causes pelvic congestion syndrome and how it can be treated.

How to stop varicose veins from coming back

Varicose veins recurrence is extremely common and can be frustrating if you've spent considerable money on treatment. Although it can't always be prevented, there are many steps a clinic can take in the original procedure to reduce your chances of recurrence as much as possible. In this article celebrated vascular surgeon Professor Mark Whiteley explains these steps and what patients should look for in a quality clinic.

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