The ClariVein® Method: A non-invasive treatment of varicose veins

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Advances in varicose veins surgery have led to increasingly less invasive techniques. Presently, there is an option that combines two methods: a mechanical ablation that generates a severe spasm of the vein and a chemical ablation using liquid sclerosant. This is the ClariVein® method.



Can ClariVein® treat any type of varicose veins?


The ClariVein® system is specially designed to treat any type of varicose veins that depend on an insufficiency of saphenous veins (most of them), but given its versatility, it is suitable for treating other varicose veins, including spider veins (thread veins) and broken veins.


What advantages does it offer?


The ClariVein® system is similar to other varicose vein treatments, such as endolaser or radiofrequency, in which the effect is achieved by navigating within the veins. 


However, unlike the aforementioned which are based on a thermal ablation, ClariVein® does not generate heat. This avoids possible complications caused by heat, such as nerve or tissue damage.


In addition, no anaesthetic or even local anaesthesia is required and no incisions are made, as the device enters directly.


What care should be followed after treatment?


The patient can lead a normal life after the treatment and only has to wear an elastic compression stocking for a few weeks. It is not necessary to take time off work other than for the treatment. It is recommended that the patient avoids prolonged standing.


How long does the treatment last? Is it permanent?


The treatment is permanent, but it should be noted that varicose veins, given their high hereditary factor, have a recurrence rate of between 15 and 20%. This may be a factor which is independent of the surgical technique used.

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