Laser varicose veins surgery

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What is laser varicose vein surgery?

Laser varicose veins surgery is a technique to eliminate large varicose veins as an alternative to the older technique of stretching and pulling them out. It simply consists of introducing a catheter into the veins with a 600 micron optical fibre that seals the vein from within without having to remove it.




What are the advantages of laser varicose veins surgery compared to conventional surgery?


The main advantages are that it is a technique that can be performed on an outpatient basis, with excellent aesthetic results. The surgery does not cause pain or discomfort and the patient can return to normal routine within 24 hours.


Can all types of varicose veins be treated with laser varicose veins surgery?


This treatment is ideally suited to large varicose veins. Therefore, any varicose veins that need to be treated by surgery should be treated with laser surgery.


Is laser varicose veins surgery permanent?


Yes, the result is permanent. This technique eliminates the varices in the same way as the old technique of stretching and pulling. The main difference is that it is a non-aggressive technique that offers the same definitive results.

This technique is widely known all over the world, and is approved and endorsed by the top specialists in vascular surgery.


What type of anaesthesia will be used?


An anaesthetic that is the least aggressive possible is used however, in the operating room the patient also receives the usual sedative that patients get when going to surgery, so they are relaxed and rested.

Spinal anaesthesia is used to put the legs to sleep and the patient, may opt to go home after the procedure if the doctor permits it.


Do I need some recovery time after surgery?


Any surgery needs some recovery time. With laser varicose veins surgery, the recovery time is minimal. Patients are operated on one day and the next morning the bandage can be removed and replace by elastic stocking. From then on they can go up and down stairs, go shopping, drive, travel by plane or train usually within 24 hours. There are always some exceptions and some cases will need 2 or 3 days for recovery, before going back to demanding work activities.


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