of the time, members of the
Top Doctors medical team make
the correct diagnosis
at the first appointment.

* Top Doctors internal survey, January 2018.

How to contact us?


Choose the time and date that suits you best.


You can book an appointment with your chosen specialist by phone.


Speak to a specialist via private messaging, voice messages, and / or photos.


Have an appointment with a specialist via video conference.

Frequently Asked Questions FAQs

What benefits does Top Doctors provide when booking an appointment online?

All specialists on the Top Doctors website have passed our thorough selection process so you can be sure to have a smooth appointment.

Do I have to pay you a fee for booking a medical appointment through your website?

No, our service is completely free to patients. You will only have to pay the fees due to the doctor for the appointment or arrange the appointment with your health insurer.

Can I book an appointment through my health insurance?

Of course! When booking your appointment state your health insurance so that the clinic can make a note of it. Check that your policy covers the appointment and remember to take your health insurance card to your appointment.

Can I rate the doctor after the appointment?

Yes, in fact, we encourage it! By rating your appointment, you'll help potential future patients chose their specialist. Only patients who have booked an appointment through our website can leave a review, that way we know that all reviews are genuine.

What happens if I'm late for my appointment?

Call the clinic to let them know and check that you can still be seen. That way the clinic can try to make the necessary changes to their diary so that you can have your doctor's appointment.
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