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  5. It is not asserted that the quality of the medical services provided by the physicians listed on this website is greater than those of other licensed physicians, and past results do not guarantee future success.
  6. Topdoctors reserves the right to modify the information contained in a digital listing at any time and to suspend access at any time and without notice. With no limitation on the former statement, Topdoctors does not undertake the responsibility of immediately updating the information contained in the physician’s digital listing. Access to the website and the use made of the information contained therein is the sole responsibility of the user. Topdoctors is not responsible for any consequence or damage that may arise from such access or use of information.
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    In case of any breach by the user of any of the obligations established under present conditions, topdoctors will automatically be permitted to prohibit or deny the user access to the website and services.

    The website provides a wide range of information, services and data. The user assumes responsibility for the proper use of the website. This responsibility extends to:

    - The accuracy and legality of the information provided by the user in the forms issued by topdoctors for access to certain content or services offered on the website.

    - The use of information, services and data offered by topdoctors contrary to the provisions of these terms and conditions, the law, morals, proper use or public order, or in any other way which could damage the rights of third parties or the operation of the website is strictly prohibited.


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    The website is chiefly funded by company members, or partner companies of the medical commission that members may pay for communication and online appointment services.

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    TERMS OF USE TOPDOCTORS BLOG (WEB 2.0 Standards use)


    Our website is moderated occasionally. Users who make comments on this website should not be considered as health professionals.

    Complementary commenting

    Comments posted on the topdoctors blog, attached to, should be designed to support, not replace, the relationship that exists between a patient / site visitor and his / her existing physician.


    We remind you that everyone can read and access your comments. You are not able to erase your own comments.


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    Internet users may not post any comments of a commercial / advertising nature. Internet users commenting on the website must only post information which is true and correct to the best of their knowledge. We invite you to share resources (references, links, ...) on health / medical matters where relevant.

    The moderator is a professional who specialises in medical journalism, who acts with no conflicts of interest. The moderator reserves the right to remove, without notice, any comments which are deemed inappropriate.


    Topdoctors reserves the right to delete inappropriate or offensive comments at their own discretion. Complaints made in this format are also not permitted. Should you wish to make a complaint, we encourage you to use the appropriate legal channels to do so.
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