Burnett Hodd & Tam Optometry

7 Devonshire St, London W1W 5DY, United Kingdom

The clinic specialises in:

  • Ophthalmology
  • Complex eye conditions
  • Lens replacement
  • Vision correction

What makes this medical centre first class

Founded in 1905, Burnett Hodd and Tam Optometry is one of London's oldest and most respected optometry practices. They are specialists in eye care solutions, offering lenses and glasses made to measureexaminations and analysis of conditions like dyslexia and myopia.

Since opening, Burnett Hodd and Tam Optometry has earned a strong reputation for helping their patients overcome even the most complicated eye problems with excellent cutomer service. They remain at the forefront of their industry by ensuring that both their knowledge and the technology they use are the latest and most accurate available. They are aided in this endeavour by the fact that their reputation often allows them to receive new products and materials before general release.

The practice was opened by George William Hodd, whose grandson ran it for over 40 years before handing it down to his daughter, Dr Caroline Burnett Hodd. Today she serves the practice as and optometrist and one of three directors, along with Jovi Mendoza and Mr Connan Tam whose name was added to that of the practice, just over five years ago, in recognition of his great contribution.

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