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Surrey Orthopaedic Clinic brings together some the UK's leading orthopaedic specialists to provide a complete package of high quality musculoskeletal care. Spanning a number of leading private hospitals in Surrey and London, the clinic offers rapid access to a specialised consultant for all of your sporting injuries and a 24-hour emergency helpline for private patients. All specialists based at Surrey Orthopaedic Clinic have international fellowship experience and work using the latest techniques and procedures.

 Top Doctors of the centre

  • Mr Dean Michael
    Orthopaedic surgery

    Expert in:

    • Hip Replacement
    • Hip arthroscopy
    • Revision hip replacement
    • Knee replacement
    • Revision knee replacement
    • Foot and ankle
  • Mr Paul Trikha
    Orthopaedic surgery

    Expert in:

    • Knee Surgery
    • ACL reconstruction
    • Knee replacement
    • Knee arthroscopy
    • Sports injuries
    • Meniscus
  • Mr Rishi Chana
    Orthopaedic surgery

    Expert in:

    • Hip
    • Knee
    • Joint preservation surgery
    • Biological therapy
    • Cartilage repair
    • Femoro-acetabular impingement
  • Dr Giancarlo Camilleri
    Pain medicine

    Expert in:

    • Back pain
    • Sciatica
    • Radiofrequency denervation
    • Myofascial pain
    • Chronic pain
    • Epidural infiltration
  • Miss Tanaya Sarkhel
    Orthopaedic surgery

    Expert in:

    • Hand surgery
    • Wrist surgery
    • Carpal tunnel syndrome
    • Dupuytren’s contracture
    • Arthroplasty
    • Wrist arthroscopy
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