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Voice disorders: what are they and when should you see a doctor?


There are many different types of voice disorders and voice problems, and in adults they are much more common in elderly patients. All it takes for a voice problem to occur is something to go wrong with either the tongue, mouth, cheeks or lips. Having good oral communication is something that a lot of people rely on, both personally of course, but also for their profession. Hence, a lot of people, such as teachers, who speak a lot every day experience voice problems at some point. You should see a doctor about a voice problem if the problem is disrupting your day-to-day life or your ability to perform your job. You should also see a doctor to exclude the possibility of a more serious cause for your voice problem, such as cancer. With an accurate diagnosis, many voice problems can be effectively treated. If you have been having voice-related problems, make an appointment now with Mr Brian Fish, a leading otolaryngologist:

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