Videos of Dr CT Pillai

How Do I Choose A Surgeon & Clinic For Laser Eye Surgery?


Jaimini Foforia (Optometrist) Explains How The Choose The Right Surgeon And Clinic To Carry Out Your Laser Eye Surgery. It Is Important To Find The Right Clinic And Surgeon For You And That Is Why You Should Consider A Variety Of Factors To Find The Best Surgeon. Knowing The Experience Of The Surgeon Is Pivotal, This Ensures You Are Being Looked After Correctly. We Also Advise You To Review The Level Of Aftercare Provided, Including Check-Ups And Laser Fine Tuning Surgery, If Necessary. Be Sure To Verify The Surgeon Is Certified By The Royal College of Ophthalmologists And Are Trained Specifically In The Cornea And Laser Eye Surgery. For More Information On Laser Eye Surgery At Advanced Vision Care Visit:

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