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Who can benefit from breast reduction surgery? - Online interview


Breast reduction can be beneficial to anyone who has large breasts that might be causing pain or bra-strap indentation on the shoulder. Who else can benefit from the procedure? In our latest online interview with esteemed London-based plastic surgeon, Mr Kelvin Ramsey discusses who and in what ways breast reduction can help. He also outlines what to expect from the procedure and what the recovery looks like. 0:00 Who should consider having breast reduction surgery? 0:49 Is breast reduction surgery for anyone who would like to reduce their bust size? 1:44 What are the advantages of the procedure? 2:36 Are there any disadvantages or side effects? 4:26 Is it a painful procedure? 5:20 What does the recovery process look like? If you are interested in booking a consultation with Mr Ramsey to discuss breast reduction surgery, you can do so by visiting his Top Doctors profile here: ✔ Follow us on Instagram: ✔ Follow us on Facebook: ✔ Follow us on Twitter:

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