Videos of Miss Marie-Klaire Farrugia

When should I worry about my child's daytime and nighttime wetting? - Online interview


Many parents worldwide may be asking themselves why their child might be wetting either during the day, while they sleep at night, or perhaps both. In our latest online interview, highly experienced London-based consultant paediatric urologist, Miss Marie-Klaire Farrugia, provides an expert, in-depth explanation of why children over the age of five might suffer from daytime and/or nighttime wetting and advises parents when to seek medical specialist help. If your child is suffering from daytime wetting and/or nighttime wetting and you are worried that it might be an indication of a serious medical condition, rest assured that Miss Farrugia can be of expert assistance. Book an appointment with her today via her Top Doctors profile here: ✔  Follow us on Instagram: ✔  Follow us on Facebook: ✔  Follow us on Twitter:

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