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Chronic and acute sports injuries: how can you tell them apart? - Online interview


Niggling knee or hip issues are common amongst sportspeople but when should you see a doctor about them? Leading consultant orthopaedic surgeon Mr Pramod Achan offers expert insight on how chronic injuries can be managed and how they differ from acute or sudden-onset injuries in this fascinating online interview. The renowned specialist also explains how the outlook for patients returning to physical activity following an injury is improving, whatever their age. 00:00 What are acute and chronic injuries? 01:07 Are there ways to tell them apart from the signs and symptoms? 02:20 What are the most common acute sport injuries? 03:45 What are the most common chronic sport injuries? 06:21 What are the best ways to manage both acute and chronic injuries? 08:13 When is the best time to see a doctor? If you are concerned by a sports injury and wish to schedule a consultation with Mr Achan, visit his Top Doctors profile today: ✔ Follow us on Instagram: ✔ Follow us on Facebook: ✔ Follow us on Twitter:

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