Videos of Dr Rajiv Goonetilleke

Growth and pubertal problems in children: what you need to know - Online interview


The growth and development of a child can be affected by pubertal and hormone-related problems, which, of course, can detrimentally affect how a child integrates themselves into their immediate surroundings. In our latest online interview, highly esteemed Cambridge-based general paediatrician, Dr Rajiv Goonetilleke, tells us all we need to know in relation to the main causes of growth and developmental problems in children. If you are a concerned parent who is wondering why your child is experiencing puberty earlier or later than you feel they should be, then you can consult directly with Dr Goonetilleke via his Top Doctors profile here today: ✔  Follow us on Instagram: ✔  Follow us on Facebook: ✔  Follow us on Twitter:

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