Videos of Dr Sarah Alsawy-Davies

What are the key components of a healthy relationship? - Online interview


In this online interview, revered clinical psychologist, Dr Sarah Alsawy-Davies, details the most important characteristics of a healthy relationship, whilst also telling us about the importance of communication and boundaries. 00:00 Introduction 00:08 What are the key components of a healthy relationship? 04:27 How can effective communication strengthen a relationship and foster self-worth? 06:43 What role does mutual respect play in maintaining a healthy relationship and boosting self-esteem? 10:39 Can you discuss the importance of boundaries in nurturing both relationships and self-worth? 14:32 How does practicing empathy and understanding enhance the quality of a relationship and promote self-worth? 19:04 What are some strategies for resolving conflicts in a constructive manner? 22:47 How can partners support each other's personal growth and development while nurturing their relationship? To schedule in an appointment with Dr Sarah Alsawy-Davies, simply visit her Top Doctors profile here today: ✔ Follow us on Instagram: ✔ Follow us on Facebook: ✔ Follow us on Twitter:

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