Videos of Dr Sheharyar Qureshi

How does diabetes affect chances of fertility in men and women? - Online Interview


The more we know about diabetes, the more we are able to help diagnose it in people and manage it through life. For diabetic patients, how can it affect fertility and pregnancy? To answer these important questions, we interviewed one of our expert consultant endocrinologists, Dr Sheharyar Qureshi. 00:00 Introduction 00:05 How does diabetes affect fertility and reproductive health in both men and women? 00:52 Can diabetes stop you from getting pregnant? 01:59 Are diabetic males at risk of infertility? 02:40 What risks are there to a newborn baby of a diabetic mother? 03:27 What should women with diabetes do to manage their blood sugar in pregnancy? If you would like more information or to book a consultation with Dr Qureshi, you can do so on his Top Doctors profile: ✔ Follow us on Instagram: ✔ Follow us on Facebook: ✔ Follow us on Twitter:

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