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Could your back pain be caused by cluneal nerve irritation?

It’s a diagnosis you’ve never heard of – but by some estimates, cluneal nerve irritation is responsible for up to 12% of all cases of lower back pain. With the medical community just starting to become aware of this condition, we asked internationally renowned spinal surgeon Mr Martin Knight describes what the cluneal nerves are, how they can become irritated, and whether there is any effective treatment.

Direct anterior approach hip replacement: less pain and faster recovery

Total hip replacement is an extremely successful surgical procedure that improves a patient’s quality of life when arthritic hip pain becomes debilitating. Consultant trauma and orthopaedic surgeon, professor Ali Ghoz talks about the new approach to hip replacement surgery that results in faster recovery, less pain and less time in the hospital.

Lipogems: a patient guide to fat cells for knee pain

If you struggle with cartilage damage in your knee and would like to avoid surgery, then regenerative medicine is an exciting new field of treatment to try out. Through regular injections you may be able to regenerate the cartilage in your knee and reduce pain considerably. In this brand new series, we asked regenerative medicine specialist Professor Paul Lee to explain the various treatment options on offer, and today’s focus is on Lipogems – the injection of fat cells into the knee.

If at first you don’t succeed… An expert’s guide to revision hip replacement

Our hips are essential for our ability to walk. If something happens this joint, the impact on our lives is huge. For this reason, many patients opt for hip replacement procedures, which install a prosthetic joint. However, sometimes this is not the end of the problem. We asked accomplished orthopaedic surgeon Mr Julian Gilbody why some patients need a revision hip replacement and what causes their first procedure to fail.

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