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What is Dupuytren’s disease?

Dupuytren’s disease or Dupuytren’s contracture is sometimes called the ‘Viking disease’ because it is most commonly found in countries which were invaded by the Vikings. It is a common disease affecting the hands, which usually presents itself in middle age or later in life and is more common in men than women. Mr James Nicholl walks us through this condition and how it can be treated.

Treating your hand nerve irritation

Carpal tunnel syndrome affects the median nerve in the wrist and hand, causing stiffness, reduced hand movement and discomfort. It is fairly common in adults and can be treated, either at home, or medically, depending on the severity. However, in some circumstances, diagnosis will show that what is suspected to be carpal tunnel syndrome, turns out to be another condition. Miss Tanaya Sarkhel, an experienced orthopaedic surgeon, discusses treatment options for hand nerve irritation.

CAM impingement: a danger in adolescent sports?

CAM impingement is a long-term hip problem that can happen to young people who play sports at a high level. Unfortunately it is not very well known, and even fewer people understand the link between CAM impingement and early onset arthritis. In this article expert orthopaedic surgeon Mr Rishi Chana shines a light on the issue and explains why more education is necessary.

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