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Sports knee injuries: uncovered

Sports enthusiasts often push their bodies to the limit, and the knees are among the most commonly affected areas. From sudden twists to repetitive stress, athletes are prone to a range of knee injuries. Here, esteemed consultant orthopaedic surgeon Professor Kuntal Patel uncovers the most common sports-related knee injuries, surgical procedures, recovery timelines, and long-term joint health maintenance strategies.

Diabetic foot: how can it impact my life?

Diabetic foot refers to a range of foot complications in individuals with diabetes, including infections, ulcers, and Charcot foot, caused by nerve damage and poor circulation, often leading to severe complications and amputation if left untreated. Leading consultant orthopaedic foot and ankle surgeon Mr Nijil Vasukutty explains the signs of diabetic foot, how it can affect daily life, and the do’s and don’ts of the condition.

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