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Navigating AI in child and adolescent mental health

AI has undoubtedly started to have an impact on all aspects of healthcare, including mental health for children and adolescents. Forbes.com recently wrote about how AI in mental health is emerging as a reassuring resource for diagnosis, developing therapies and enabling a more personalised approach and treatments for patients. However, there are various aspects to consider such as ensuring collaboration between AI and human-led care leads to the best results for patients. Leading consultant child and adolescent psychiatrist Dr Jon Goldin takes a comprehensive look at AI in child and adolescent mental health in this article, written with the help of AI.

Autism in children and adolescents | Top Doctors

In today's society, we are seeing an increase in the number of children being diagnosed with autism. We speak to revered consultant child and adult psychologist Dr Ramya Mohan who provides an in-depth analysis of the condition, including which signs to look out for, the clinical presentation of the condition, what it means to be a minor with neurodiversity in a changing world and an explanation of how a specialist can help.

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