Iconic centre of
private medicine since
the 1800s

Over 1500 doctors
working in and
around the area

Worldwide reputation,
well-located in
central London

What is Harley Street?

Harley Street is an iconic area in central London, celebrated because of its long history of being a hub for private healthcare. Since as early as the 19th century, the number of private doctors, hospitals and medical organisations in Harley Street has been on the rise. In conjunction with the UK’s NHS system, the Harley Street clinics and their doctors contribute to making the United Kingdom a country with a world-renowned public and private healthcare environment.

Some of the best doctors, hospitals and clinics in London

Harley Street and its neighbouring streets in the Marylebone area are home to some of the best hospitals and clinics in the country. One of the most notable is The Portland Hospital, which is the UK’s leading private maternity hospital and the only one dedicated entirely to the healthcare of women and children. Another of the UK’s largest independent private hospitals in the heart of the medical district is The London Clinic. The clinic maintains several consulting rooms on the traditional Harley Street, but the main hospital is located on the corner of Devonshire Place, looking out onto Marylebone Road.

Which specialties and treatments can be treated in Harley Street?

Whether someone is looking for a specialist in cancer treatment, a plastic surgeon, or for a gastroenterologist, there is always an expert at hand to diagnose and treat all medical conditions. The Harley Street Health Centre is well-known as a private GP practice, providing a complete medical service with tests and examinations that are done on site. In addition to their private GPS, the centre is partnered by a prestigious team of specialists in all medical fields.

Dentists on Harley Street

It’s not only doctors and surgeons who are based in Marylebone - the medical district is also the place to seek a Harley Street dentist. The popular Harley Street Dental Clinic uses the latest in dental technology and techniques in dentistry for patients. Whether a patient wants cosmetic dentistry, dental implants, general treatment, or to see an orthodontist the clinic offers a full range of services.

Dermatologist: skin clinics

It is easy to find a skin specialist in the area, especially at the Harley Street Skin Clinic. The clinic offers a variety of services to ensure patients receive the best in skincare and cosmetic procedures. There are a range of reputable Harley Street dermatologists who perform procedures that are both surgical and non-surgical and use state of the art technology.

Cosmetic and plastic surgery

Most surgeons are trained in the NHS in reconstructive surgery, which is commonly known as plastic surgery. They specialise in repairing and reconstructing missing or damaged tissue and skin following traumatic injuries, infection or birth defects. Cosmetic surgeons undertake aesthetic procedures, which are focused on appearance. At the Harley Street Cosmetic Surgery the surgeons are dedicated and committed to tailoring a treatment plan for the patient. The surgeons base the plan on the patient’s desires, and set realistic goals and expectations to ensure the best results.


Physiotherapy is available through local GPs, hospitals or NHS physiotherapy services and is used to return muscles to function properly or to return to playing an active sport. For those who wish to see a private specialist, they can visit any of the doctors located in the Harley Street area such as the Harley Street Physiotherapy speeds up recovery and treatment time. There are many private hospitals and physio specialists in Harley Street who provide physiotherapy service on an outpatient basis and have specialist sports injury clinics.

ENT in Harley Street

There are clinics on Harley Street that specialise in providing high quality treatment for all ear nose and throat (ENT) related conditions. The Harley Street Hearing Clinic has a team of audiological practitioners who are trained on a range of issues such as hearing aids and hearing protection.

Where is Harley Street in London?

Harley Street is located in Marylebone in central London. Parking spaces in Harley Street can be found in the area and on the surrounding Wimpole Street and Devonshire Place. Charges are £3 an hour between 08:30 to 18:30 with a maximum stay of four hours. The ticket machines accept payment by cash or credit card, or the fee can be paid by telephone and SMS. There are two 24 hour car parks located nearby. One hour parking is £5 and 24 hours is £35 at Q-Park, which provides safe and reliable parking throughout central London. The other large car park is located at Cavendish Square and is also open 24 hours.
There is a high volume of traffic around London and travelling by car around the capital is not recommended. It also takes longer than public transport such as the bus or underground. London has a Congestion Charge during the hours of 07:00 to 18:00 on Monday to Fridays, which requires drivers to pay £8 per day if they wish to drive through London at this time.

Taking public transport is a good option as Harley Street is ideally located within walking distance to central underground train stations Oxford Circus, Great Portland Street or Regent’s Park, depending on which end of the street is approached.

Health tourism in the UK

Health tourism refers to people travelling to a country other than their own for medical treatment and healthcare services. Health tourism in the UK, and in particular London, is very popular as the capital gives fast access to a wide range of quality healthcare. Patients who seek medical care and are financially able to cover medical costs may choose to visit a private patient in the Harley street area and choose to self-pay.

The same can be said of dental tourism, with it being cheaper and quicker to have dental treatments in another country. Dental holidays are becoming popular.

Hotels near Harley Street in London

There is no shortage of hotels near Harley Street. The average price for a good quality 3* single en suite room will be from around £65 and for a double en suite from £95. There are also Harley Street serviced apartments and accommodation packages (globeapt.com) available. Enquire on 0207 935 9512

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