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Written by: Mr Foued Hamza
Published: | Updated: 30/08/2023
Edited by: Karolyn Judge

Model Bella Hadid's hair in a high, tight ponytail has created an effect that's been replicated by many others. Interested? You can get a similar look by undergoing the ponytail facelift


Internationally-renowned cosmetic surgeon Mr Foued Hamza provides a detailed insight into what's exactly involved in this popular procedure, for those who are interested. 

Young woman with ponytail facelift

What is a ponytail facelift, and how is it performed?

The ponytail lift is a procedure where we lift the eyebrows, to recreate the look a ponytail hairstyle gives the face. This procedure is performed on the temporal area, through a small incision and then we lift all of the temporal area through this incision. We also lift the eyebrows, and we tighten the left-right part of the eyes. 



Who is the ideal candidate for it?

Most of the candidates are young patients aged between 25 and 35 years old. It's mostly about changing and raising the eyebrow, then giving real lift


This is mostly for patients who have droopy eyebrows and this is to give a better opening of the eyes. 



Is there anyone who shouldn't undergo it?

For every surgery, we need to see the patient first and to ask regarding their expectations. We also need to make a good assessment. Some of the patients might not be able to have the procedure if they have very tight skin, or their expectation is higher compared to what we can actually achieve. 



What are the potential side effects?

There aren't significant side effects with this procedure, but there may be some asymmetry if it isn't completely tightened on one side compared to the other side. 


Mostly, there could be scars in the temporal area. 


What are the typical results like? What can patients expect after the operation?

This procedure isn't permanent surgery, and they may last between two and five years due to the effect of gravity. The structure that was lifted may return to how it was previously. 


The results should to be discussed first with the patient before they need to be aware that they aren't permanent.




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By Mr Foued Hamza
Plastic surgery

Mr Foued Hamza is an internationally renowned cosmetic surgeon based in London. He is ranked as one of the best cosmetic surgeons in Europe, specialising in body contouring procedures including buttock enhancement (Brazilian butt lift), liposuction and breast surgery. He has a special interest in body and breast surgery and lipofilling.

He is highly regarded for his professionalism, expertise, mastery of techniques and artistic talent. He has developed his own unique body sculpting technique by combining the art of a clay sculptor and his impressive technical skills. This way he is able to achieve beautiful and natural results for his patients whilst at the same time enhancing safety and efficiency of the procedures.

He began studying medicine in Tunisia before moving to Paris, where he specialised in plastic and cosmetic surgery. During his time in France, between 1988 to 1997, he worked in top Parisian hospitals such as Saint-Louis and Henri-Mondor Hospitals and began building a name for himself across Europe. He is registered in the French Medical Council and a member of the French Board of Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery. He now practices in the London Welbeck Hospital and is a registered specialist in the UK. He actively participates in international seminars and conventions and continues to work on improving surgery techniques.

Mr Hamza and his team practice in a modern and specialised clinic on Harley Street - completely equipped with the latest technologies. The team are committed to providing absolute care and satisfaction to every patient, offering innovative techniques, total security, efficiency and comfort in order to guarantee natural and satisfying results.

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