Enhancing abdominal surgery: Exploring the 'Lock and Glue' technique

Written by: Miss Kerstin Oestreich
Edited by: Kate Forristal

Lock and glue lipo-abdominoplasty, also known as the "lock and glue tummy tuck," represents an innovative technique in abdominal surgery. This approach merges internal locking stitches and tissue glue, eliminating the need for drains typically used to remove excess blood and fluid. By combining local anaesthetic blocks and twilight anaesthesia, this procedure can often be performed as a day case, aligning with current research advocating for more day case surgeries to encourage earlier mobilisation and reduce the risk of complications such as DVT, PE, and hospital-acquired infections.


In her latest online article, Miss Kerstin Oestreich, a highly experienced plastic surgeon gives us her insight into this procedure. She has been extensively trained in this technique and frequently performs the procedure at the clinic. Her firsthand experience with this method since 2019 has highlighted its safety and efficacy, ensuring optimal patient safety, cosmetic outcomes, and a smoother recovery process.


Advantages of the ‘lock and glue’ technique:

The "lock and glue" technique not only provide a more athletic appearance to the abdomen but also offers more predictable outcomes. The locking of tissues minimises tension on the bikini line scar, allowing for a more aesthetically pleasing result.


Distinguishing features from traditional abdominoplasty and lip-abdominoplasty:

Distinguishing itself from traditional abdominoplasty and lipo-abdominoplasty, the lock and glue approach involves securing the skin flap with locking sutures and tissue glue, which aids in better definition and contouring. This innovative method avoids the need for drains, contributing to improved recovery and patient comfort.



Benefits of the lock and glue tummy tuck include enhanced mobility, the ability to wear clothing, such as bikinis with a low scar, and a potential boost in self-esteem post-surgery.


Ideal candidates and procedure details:

The ideal candidates for this procedure are individuals with excess abdominal skin and fat, particularly those whose conditions may be a result of pregnancy or significant weight loss. The surgery addresses separated abdominal muscles and can revise stretch marks in the lower abdomen.


Limitations, consequences and risks:

While the operation can significantly improve one's appearance and confidence, it's crucial to note potential limitations, consequences, and risks associated with the procedure. Patients should consider the permanency of scarring, possible numbness, and necessary lifestyle adjustments post-operation, such as maintaining a steady weight and avoiding smoking.


Pre operative steps and recover process:

Moreover, patients need to be informed about pre-operative steps, including weight management, smoking cessation, and possible medication adjustments. The recovery process involves a period of moderate pain, temporary limitations in physical activities, and the use of a compression garment to aid in reducing swelling and improving comfort. This innovative technique is an advancement in abdominoplasty, providing enhanced outcomes and a smoother recovery process for suitable candidates.


Miss Kerstin Oestreich is a highly regarded plastic, cosmetic and hand surgeon with over 30 years of experience. You can schedule an appointment with Miss Oestreich on her Top Doctors profile.

By Miss Kerstin Oestreich
Plastic surgery

Miss Kerstin Oestreich is a highly respected and internationally trained consultant plastic, cosmetic and hand surgeon based in Birmingham. She is renowned for her expertise in cosmetic breast surgery as well as labiaplasty and tummy tuck procedures. Additional to plastic and cosmetic surgery, Miss Oestreich also specialises in hand and wrist surgery and treats both adults and children.

Miss Oestreich qualified in medicine in 1995 in Heidelberg-Mannheim, Germany before undertaking further surgical training in Mannheim-Ludwigshafen, Germany, Dublin, Ireland and Singapore. She qualified as a specialist plastic surgeon in 2006 while training at one of Europe’s largest plastic surgery units in Ludwigshafen, Germany. Following this, she completed a hand surgery fellowship as well as specialist training in wrist arthroscopy at a number of locations across Europe. Miss Oestreich has attended numerous courses and meetings specialising in cosmteic hand surgery. Miss Oestreich was appointed as a consultant plastic and hand surgeon in 2007 at Salisbury’s NHS Foundation Trust, which has one of the UK’s largest plastic surgery departments. She is an honorary consultant plastic and hand surgeon at Derby’s renowned Pulvertaft Hand Centre. From 2014 until recently, Miss Oestreich held a position as a plastic consultant in the prestigious Birmingham Children's Hospital, building a comprehensive paediatric wrist service. She has now turned her focus on her private practice in the west Midlands

Miss Oestreich sees private patients at the renowned Kat & Co clinic in Birmingham, Spire Little Aston Hospital in Sutton Coldfield and Spire Parkway Hospital in Solihull, as well as Priory Hospital in Birmingham and the Westbourne Centre in Birmingham.

Additional to her walth of clinical training and experience, Miss Oestreich has also been awarded a degree in European healthcare leadership from INSEAD, France and a Master’s degree in healthcare management. In 2009, she was presented with a leadership award from Health Foundation London and has been instrumental in implementing changes to healthcare systems at a national level. She regularly presents and lectures on her areas of expertise at meetings around the world and has authored numerous publications, which appear in peer-reviewed journals, as well as several book chapters.

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