What can I do about my high blood sugar levels?

Written by: Dr Amandeep Singh Grewal
Edited by: Conor Lynch

In this article below, esteemed private GP, Dr Amandeep Singh Grewal, provides us with a comprehensive guide on blood sugar levels, explaining in detail what we can do to maintain healthy blood sugar levels.

Why is our blood sugar so important?

Our whole system runs on glucose, including our brains. Any excess that we don’t use, our system stores as fat. There are two hormones that regulate this: insulin takes up blood sugar from our bloodstream after we have eaten, and helps store the blood sugar as glycogen in the muscles.


It also helps absorb the sugar so the excess energy can be stored as fat, which is really helpful if we get seriously ill. It’s like an energy store. There’s another hormone called glucagon, which helps us release glucose when we are exercising in order for our bodies to be able to function well.


What’s really important though, is that we regulate our blood sugar well. So, when our blood sugar goes too high, problems arise. Too much blood sugar in the bloodstream spills out into our body tissues, into areas like the back of the eye, our heart, kidneys, liver, and gut. This increases our chances of developing skin diseases and conditions, and eye conditions such as blurred vision.


What can I do about my high blood sugar level?

If you’re not diabetic, the main thing is avoiding becoming diabetic. In both situations, the same thing applies. Too many carbohydrates, such as bread and pasta, will increase our blood sugar levels, so avoiding these foods as much as possible is recommended.


Protein and fat are more important than carbohydrates. Good fats are very important for our blood sugar levels. Furthermore, if you have a good protein intake, your cravings for carbohydrates will be reduced.


Getting lots of exercise and managing our weight is essential as well when it comes to managing our blood sugar levels. 150 minutes of exercise per week is the general recommended level. Make sure you cannot say a full sentence without catching your breath while exercising.


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By Dr Amandeep Singh Grewal
GP (general practitioner)

Dr Amandeep Singh Grewal is a vastly experienced general practitioner with over 14 years experience, who attends to patients in London. He specialises in all areas of general medicine including health screening, hair loss, allergies, male health, acne, and cosmetic dermatology.

Dr Grewal achieved his medical qualifications from Imperial College London, before passing his Royal College of General Practitioners membership exam as one of the top 20% of doctors in his year group.

He has experience in various areas of the NHS including roles in A & E, paediatrics, obstetrics and gynaecology, and general surgery. He is an expert in cosmetic dermatology related treatments such as treatments for hair loss and cellulite, also liposculpture and skin resurfacing.

For 3 years Dr Grewal held the position of lead physician with BUPA, administering advanced health screening to patients of all ages and backgrounds, vital experience which enables him to give holistic health advice from a broad perspective. Aside from his work in the NHS, he has also worked as a forensic medical examiner, for Thames Valley Police.

Dr Grewal is also a fully certified GP trainer and has tutored and mentored many GPs through their studies, guiding them all the way to full qualification.

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