Selection process

Top Doctors has had the world’s most rigorous doctor selection system in place for over 25 years. In fact, only 1 in 10 doctors has sufficient experience and standing to become part of our team. Each specialist has had to pass this 4-step screening process, ensuring that you can choose from the world’s best doctors.

El especialista al que acudiría su médico
1. Leading clinicians nominate their peers
Top Doctors asks other doctors to nominate the specialists they would turn to in case of illness for themselves or their family.
El especialista al que acudiría su médico
2. Independent auditing by ADECCO
The Adecco Medical & Science physician-led research team carefully reviews the credentials of each and every specialist being considered for inclusion in Top Doctors guides, magazines, articles and website. The audit includes a number of factors such as education, years of experience, positions at public institutions, scientific publications, conferences, certifications, awards, professional achievements and even any malpractice and disciplinary history. We also evaluate the quality of the clinic or hospital where the doctor works and their existing online reputation.
El especialista al que acudiría su médico
3. Clinical Leaders
Each of our specialties has a Clinical Leader chosen as an outstanding and experienced specialist in their field. Our Clinical Leaders are our point of reference for maintaining the high standard in the selection process, and endorse our entire procedure.
El especialista al que acudiría su médico
4. We meet the doctors face to face
The evaluation process is always finalised with a personal interview with the specialist.
El especialista al que acudiría su médico
5. Patient Satisfaction
Through anonymous surveys, we ask real patients for feedback about their experience with each specialist from Top Doctors. This ensures standards are being met and that patients can make an even more informed decision before deciding which doctor to choose. The objective is to form the world’s most prestigious medical team and to help patients to use Top Doctors to find the best specialist for their case.
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