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ADHD Health Clinic is a renowned mental health clinic located in London. Founded in 2023, the private practice led by Dr Shyamal Mashru, leading consultant psychiatrist, specialises in the assessment, diagnosis, and management of ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder), as well as other mental health conditions that may coexist with ADHD. Dr Mashru serves as the medical lead for an adult ADHD service in the NHS since 2016.

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ADHD Health Clinic’s expertise and dedication to the field establish the highest level of patient-centred care. The clinic serves patients at the foundation of their ADHD journey to ensure and uphold good mental wellbeing, recognising the complexity of ADHD in all aspects of life. Typically, this starts with a full ADHD assessment and diagnosis to personalised treatment and medication.

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With a holistic approach to ADHD care, the clinic demonstrates a commitment to empowering patients with the necessary resources, support, and guidance to understand their unique ADHD profile. ADHD Health Clinic works in close partnership with patients to develop personalised treatment plans, which may include medication, CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy), ADHD coaching, family therapy, and relationship counselling.

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ADHD Health Clinic

98 Crawford Street, W1H 2HL, Central London, London

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Dr Shyamal Mashru



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