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Audiology Plus LTD is leading private hearing clinic that operate in various locations including Surrey, London and Haywards Heath in Sussex. The award-winning team specialises in hearing assessment, hearing aids and tinnitus management, alongside ear impressions, ear wax removal and home visits. Audiology Plus offers its services at Ashtead Hospital, Spire St Anthony Hospital and Fountain Therapies.

The Audiology Plus team is lead by Mr Piotr Swiatek, a highly experienced senior clinical audiologist and hearing aid consultant, with the aim to ensure those with hearing impairment are given the chance to live life without restrictions. They pride themselves in offering excellent clinical care to all patients via ongoing aftercare and yearly re-assessments. 

Alongside providing highly-attentive services in their specialist areas of diagnostic and hearing aid work, tinnitus and balance issues (including professional evaluation for balance assessment and management) and for patients requiring ear wax removal, Audiology Plus supports consultant-led ENT clinics in parts of the two counties the clinic operates.

Audiology Plus also offers a comprehensive tinnitus management program that ensures patients aren't negatively impacted by this condition. This is done via a trained and experienced audiologist who endeavours to improve patient quality of life through counselling and sound stimulation therapy. 

Audiology Plus is committed to care and understanding for their patients, aiming to administer excellent standards in everything the clinic does. 

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Audiology Plus LTD

The Warren, Ashtead, Surrey

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Medical staff of the center

Mr Piotr Swiatek

Clinical audiologist and hearing aid consultant

Areas of expertise:

Hearing loss Tinnitus Audiometry Tympanometry Ear wax plugs Vertigo

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Mr Piotr Swiatek
Clinical Audiologist And Hearing Aid Consultant in Ashtead
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