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Otolaryngology / ENT

Revered consultant ENT surgeon Dr Fabio Fanfoni explains when to seek medical attention for a blocked nose, as well as the most common causes.


Revered consultant cardiologist Dr Teresa Castiello explains how heart failure is diagnosed and treated in this article. In addition, the leading specialist shares specialist insight on the most beneficial lifestyle modifications patient can make.


An introduction to Ms Cinzia Sammartino
Meet Ms Cinzia Sammartino, renowned consultant gen...
A complete guide to inguinal hernia - Online interview
In her latest online video interview, leading Lond...

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Dr Teresa Castiello
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Dr Francesca Mastrolilli
Consultant Neurologist in W1G Marylebone London
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Dr Fabio Fanfoni
ENT Specialist
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Dr Luigi De Michele
Internal Medicine Specialist
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Ms Cinzia Sammartino
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