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General practice Health check up Chronic diseases Diagnostics Blood test Dermatology Men's health Women’s health Cancer screening clinic Joint pain

What makes this medical centre first class

My Health and Wellbeing Clinic is a leading GP centre for excellence in primary care located in the heart of East London. Opening this year, the private practice led by Dr Fahim Chowdhury offers specialised GP and urgent care services for adult and children, including blood tests, health screens, STI testsdermatology treatments such as cryotherapy, certificates, and wellness and nutrition consultations.

Equipped with state-of-the-art facilities, My Health and Wellbeing Clinic distinguishes itself through its provision of advanced diagnostic procedures, utilising cutting-edge technology to enhance diagnostic accuracy and precision. Additionally, the clinic also delivers a wide range of on-site laboratory tests, including full blood count analysis, glucose and cholesterol monitoring, thyroid function assessment, as well as bowel, prostate and ovarian cancer screening. 

At My Health and Wellbeing Clinic, patients can access the care they need with quick appointments and minimal wait times, guaranteeing timely interventions for all health issues and concerns. With a commitment to integrity, compassion, and professionalism, My Health and Wellbeing Clinic prioritises patient-centred care, serving as a trusted partner for health and wellness within the community.

The centre

My Health and Wellbeing Clinic

97-99 Whitechapel Road, East London, London

Medical staff of the center

Dr Fahim Chowdhury


Areas of expertise:

Chronic pain Musculoskeletal pain Headache Chronic diseases Health check up (health screening) Integrative medicine

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