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Penis augmentation with soft tissue fillers: how does it work?

Men pursue penis augmentation for various reasons, including enhancing self-confidence, correcting perceived size inadequacies, and improving sexual satisfaction for themselves and their partners. Renowned cosmetic and sexual aesthetic doctor Dr Sherif El Wakil explains how penis augmentation with soft tissue fillers works at his clinic, including what results to expect from the procedure.

Botox for pain relief: How does it work?

Although Botox is commonly known for its use in anti-ageing treatments, there are many beneficial applications of this form of treatment. In this informative article, highly respected advanced cosmetic doctor and consultant specialist in pain medicine Dr Husham Al-Shather explains how Botox is used as a highly effective, minimally invasive treatment for some types of chronic pain.

Unveiling andropause: Understanding men's midlife hormonal changes

Menopause has long been associated with women, but what about men? Contrary to popular belief, men experience a similar phenomenon called Andropause, a natural process characterised by hormonal shifts that can significantly impact their well-being as they age. Andropause involves a gradual decline in androgen levels, particularly testosterone, as men grow older. Unlike women, who undergo a more abrupt hormonal change, Andropause tends to manifest gradually and varies widely among individuals. In his latest online article, Dr Sherif Wakil, a pioneer in regenerative and functional medicine, sheds light on this under recognised but significant aspect of men's health.

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