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On the slippery slope to burnout? Climb your way back to optimum health

Our mental health stays with us wherever we go, including at work. Burnout in our places of employment is becoming a condition that's increasingly reported and people are beginning to recognise how overwhelmed they are in their jobs. Leading psychologist and coach Dr Catherine Sykes is here to offer her expertise on work-related burnout in this informative article.

Why is autism spectrum disorder often missed in young girls?

A common misconception about autism spectrum disorder is that it only affects males. In this article, highly respected cognitive neuropsychologist Dr Debora Elijah explains the reasons behind missed diagnoses in females as well as the impact this can have on the individual. She also discusses how a specialist tailored programme can offer improved outcomes for young people with autism spectrum disorder.

Discovering what therapy can offer you

It's good news that a positive outlook to mental health is becoming part of the wider consciousness, encouraging those wanting to make therapy a priority. However, especially if people have never utilised it before, they may have questions about what therapy involves. Dr Nicky Kimber-Rogal, a top chartered psychologist and psychotherapist, provides Top Doctors with an expert guide to what may be involved, particularly regarding workplace issues, couples counselling and mental health issues. Read on to find out more.

Post-lockdown anxiety and what to do to help it

Even though lockdown ended a year ago, we are still living with coronavirus and the anxieties: work anxiety, re-entry anxiety, and more. Psychology clinics are seeing lots of clients with post-lockdown anxiety in their life. Consultant health psychologist Dr Sue Peacock gives us a deeper look into the effect this has had and especially on people with chronic pain.

Infidelity: causes, effects, and therapy

There are various reasons why a partner may engage in infidelity. We recently spoke with Dr Daniela Rossi, a highly regarded psychologist, to discuss the many different motives for 'cheating' on someone and what the negative impact can often be. We found out why therapy can help people come to terms with this form of betrayal. In this article, we discuss the services she offers which help manage relationships that face challenges cause by infidelity.

Making safe choices when integrating complementary or alternative therapies into cancer treatment

Do you immediately think of self-hypnosis as a complementary cancer therapy? The importance of consulting your medical support team about any alternative treatments you may be considering and the benefits of self-hypnosis as a safe choice in your treatment journey are considered in this informative and interesting article by consultant clinical oncologist Dr Sarah Partridge.

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