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Augmented reality in the operating room: is it safer?

Professor Kavin Andi asks: 'Is AR in medicine safer than non-assisted procedures?' Its' capabilities mean that it can assist in surgery planning, patient treatment and helps to explain complex medical situations. However, it may have disadvantages. The award-winning consultant oral and maxilio surgeon and head and neck surgeon speaks to Top Doctors about this new technological concept.

PRGF treatment for dental procedures

Dr Peter Sanders is a highly experienced dentist that has always given importance to the comfort and care of his patients. Over the years, Dr Sanders has incorporated state of the art technology, (once efficacy and safety are proven), to ensure he is always able to offer the very highest level of comfort. We spoke to him about PRGF treatment, a revolutionary technology that vastly improves the healing process os oral surgery and dental implants. We spoke with him recently to discuss PRGF treatment and what can be expected.

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