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Post-viral fatigue COVID-19 update what we have learnt

Back in March 2020, we feared that hundreds of patients recovering from COVID-19 would likely experience prolonged post-viral symptoms such as chronic fatigue - it’s clear now, however, that that was an underestimate and there are still thousands struggling with multiple symptoms. Dr Gerald Coakley provides us with an update on the situation and what his experience has been like treating patients with post-COVID fatigue.

Felty’s syndrome: diagnosis, treatment and lifestyle changes

Although Felty's syndrome is rare, it can be severe. This rare disease affects the body's ability to fight infection. Fighting the cause of Felty's syndrome is difficult because the exact cause remains unknown, however, there are a range of lifestyle changes and treatment options that can improve symptoms. In this article, leading rheumatologist, Dr Gerald Coakley explains some of the options in more detail.

Living with chronic fatigue syndrome

We all feel tired from time to time, but tiredness that doesn’t go away isn't normal and could indicate sometime is wrong. Although prolonged tiredness is a symptom of many conditions, it could be the onset of chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS). Dr Gerald Coakley, a leading rheumatologist, is here to explain the early signs of this condition and the support available.

How to tackle fatigue

How often do you feel tired? Are you constantly fatigued and feeling burnt out? Believe it or not, a study by Virgin Active has shown that 80% of Londoners feel constantly stressed and exhausted on a daily basis. Dr Gerald Coakley talks to us about fatigue, chronic fatigue syndrome and when you should visit a fatigue clinic.

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