B-lites - the lighter breast implant

Written by: Mr Christopher Inglefield
Published: | Updated: 02/10/2023
Edited by: Sophie Kennedy

Drooping of the breast is a very common reason why women have their breast implants changed or opt for further breast surgery. B-Lite implants are a third lighter than traditional silicone implants resulting in less drag on the breast tissue which helps to reduce the weight of the implant and significantly reduces the risk of requiring a second operation later on in life. To tell us more, we invited esteemed consultant plastic surgeon Mr Christopher Inglefield to share his expert insight on B-Lite implants. 

What are B-lite breast implants?

The implant is filled with a microsphere enhanced silicone gel. The shell is of standard industry silicone, and the gel allows for a weight reduction of 30 per cent. The microspheres, made from high purity and biocompatible borosilicate, are fixed into the cohesive gel which allows for this weight reduction as compared to normal implants.


Safety first

B-Lite breast implants are very safe. The highest quality silicone gel is used and a microsphere is added to reduce the weight of the implant.

The microspheres used in B-Lite breast implants are very safe. They are used in orthopaedic surgery and neurosurgery without any risk of reaction in the body. B-Lites, like all high-quality breast implants, are guaranteed for life. In the unlikely event of rupture, they are replaced free of charge. They use the same high-quality silicone shell and gel, which gives a nice, soft, natural appearance.

The microspheres used within the silicone gel have a very low reaction within the tissue so there is no risk if the implants rupture.


The procedure

The actual surgical procedure for inserting a B-Lite is exactly the same as any other breast implant. The implants come in all shapes and sizes, with smooth or textured surfaces. The only difference that we see from a surgical point of view is a slightly longer incision to insert the implants, half a centimetre to a centimetre longer than in other types of breast surgery. The scars heal very well so the length of the scar is of no concern to patients.

Patients describe the feel of the implants as very natural and light, without a sensation of heaviness of the implants. In addition, the long term outcomes with B-Lite breast implants are reported to be very good with high patient satisfaction.

If you want to know more about B-lite breast implants, make an appointment with London-based plastic surgeon, Mr Inglefield by visiting his Top Doctors profile today.

By Mr Christopher Inglefield
Plastic surgery

Mr Christopher Inglefield is one of London's leading plastic surgeons. As a highly experienced consultant plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgeon, Mr Inglefield has performed thousands of procedures.

Throughout his career, Mr Inglefield has gained vast experience in a wide range of specialities, with areas of specialist interest including gender confirmation surgery, facial feminisation surgery, body feminisation surgery, masculinisation surgery and male chest reduction, breast surgery, breast implants and reconstruction, hair line lowering, eye bag surgery and facial rejuvenation, rhinoplasty and non-surgical nose job, labia reduction and labiaplasty. Furthermore, he embraces the latest technological and surgical developments to ensure that the service he offers to his patients is constantly evolving.

Mr Inglefield was born in Trinidad, West Indies, and obtained his medical degree from the University of the West Indies in Jamaica and Trinidad in 1985. After attaining his degree, he went on to complete his specialist surgical training in the UK, passing the examinations to become a Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons of England in 1990. Soon after, he became passionate about plastic surgery and after six years of developing his specialist skills, he passed the intercollegiate specialist examination (in plastic surgery) and was awarded the FRCS(Plast) in 1997. This confirmed his expertise in all aspects of plastic, reconstructive and cosmetic surgery and he was added to the UK GMC specialist register.

He regularly attends national and international conferences and workshops as an attendee and invited speaker. What's more, he has also written several papers and contributed to many specialist books and journals within the field of plastic and reconstructive surgery. He is a member of the UK Association of Aesthetic Surgeons, World Professional Association for Transgender Health, British Burn Association, the British Microsurgical Society, the British Association of Surgical Oncology and the Royal Society of Medicine - Plastic Surgery.

Mr Inglefield has appeared on numerous occasions for television and radio programmes including Botched Up Bodies, BodyShockers, Radio 5 Live, NBC and Granada. In addition, he has been interviewed and quoted a number of times in national newspapers and magazines, such as The Sunday Mirror, The Sunday Times, The Financial Times, The Daily Mail and Marie Claire, Harpers Bazaar, among others. In 2012, Mr Inglefield was accredited with a Lifetime Achievement Award at the Aesthetic Awards for his work and dedication to innovation within the field. He is admired by both his peers, as well as his patients.

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