Breast cancer and breast implants

Written by: Mr Abdul Kasem
Published: | Updated: 16/05/2023
Edited by: Aoife Maguire

Respected oncoplastic, reconstructive and cosmetic breast surgeon Mr Abudl Kasem answers your frequently asked questions about the relationship between breast cancer and breast implants.


What situations are related to the treatment of breast cancer in patients with breast implants?

There are two possible situations related to the treatment of breast cancer in patients with breast implants. The first is when patients who have implants and who develop breast cancer. It is possible to have conservative breast surgery (lumpectomy) and to preserve the breast and the implant. Subsequent radiotherapy presents some particularities but it is absolutely possible.


The second is those who have undergone cancer surgery with a subsequent breast reconstruction for which implants or prostheses are used. After the breast cancer surgery, a prosthesis is implanted.  Postoperative radiotherapy has the same technical characteristics and can also be performed.


Can breast implants hinder the treatment of cancer?

Yes, breast implants can absolutely hinder the treatment of breast cancer. From the point of view of radiotherapy, a careful and homogeneous technique is essential for treating breast cancer patients with breast implants. In this way, it is possible to avoid “overdosing” zones in the peripheries of the prosthesis, in order to minimise capsular retractions, which affect the breast aesthetically.


What changes in treatment are there when there is a breast implant?

A very careful technique is required to perform radiotherapy on breasts with implants in order to avoid the risk of retractions or fibrosis periprosthetic. No sophisticated technology is needed; the essential thing is to have experience and knowledge.


Is the breast cancer treatment just as effective?

Yes, of course. The presence of breast implants does not change the effectiveness of the treatment. There is a possible risk of aesthetic alterations, which needs to be avoided. An implant or prosthesis in itself implies a percentage of retractions. Radiation therapy should be done so that this percentage does not rise or does so to the smallest extent possible.



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By Mr Abdul Kasem

Mr Abdul Kasem is a highly qualified oncoplastic, reconstructive and cosmetic breast surgeon with private clinics at Harley Street, London Bridge Hospital, BMI Chelsfield Park Hospital, Orpington, BMI The Sloane Hospital and Spire Alexandra Hospital. He has a special interest in breast care (lumps and discharge), breast cancer, breast reconstruction, breast augmentation and breast reduction.

Mr Kasem is an experienced oncoplastic breast surgeon with a specialist expertise in one stop rapid assessment for breast lumps, different breast symptoms, breast screening, family history risk assessment and state of the art management for both benign breast disease and breast cancer. Mr Kasem works within a dedicated multidisciplinary team to provide the best holistic personal care.

Aside from his private practice, Mr Kasem is a consultant oncoplastic breast surgeon at King’s College Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust. Mr Kasem completed his training and experience within the Oncoplastic Breast Unit at the Princess Royal University Hospital. He spent 18 months as part-time secondment with the oncoplastic breast surgery team at the Royal Marsden Hospital. He joined the South-East London Breast Cancer Screening at King’s College University and the oncoplastic team at St Thomas Hospital to attend breast cancer patients. Mr Kasem has mastered his surgical skills by attending many international breast care and surgery master classes and workshops.

He offers courses to GPs on the management of breast symptoms. Mr Kasem has published numerous peer-reviewed journal articles on topics such as skin-sparing mastectomies and lipofilling and is a member of Editorial Board of the Journal of Annals of Breast Cancer in the USA. He has won as many as 12 WOW! Awards for Outstanding Patients Experience, and was nominated by breast cancer patients for the Pride in Medway Award in 2013.

His breast oncoplastic and cosmetic breast skills include primary breast cancer surgery, breast reconstruction surgery, breast augmentation, breast reduction, breast mastopexy (uplift), breast lipomodelling and lipofilling with fat grafting, immediate and delayed breast reconstruction and nipple reconstruction.

Mr Kasem is one of the first certified cosmetic surgeons by the Royal College of Surgeons of England in the United Kingdom.

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