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Weight loss surgery: what are the overall health benefits?

There is more to bariatric surgery than just using it as a tool to lose weight. Weight loss surgery can also prevent or improve health problems that usually go hand in hand with obesity, such as diabetes, high blood pressure and sleep apnoea. Read more from one of our expert surgeons Mr Vittal Rao about why and how weight loss surgery is a lifechanging procedure!

Microvascular surgery: how does it work?

Microvascular surgery has been used to reattach severed fingers, arms, hands and other amputated parts to the body. We wanted to find out exactly how it works, how effective it is, how long the procedure takes and whether its safe. In this article, Mr Kavin Andi, an award-winning consultant oral and maxillofacial surgeon answers some frequently asked questions regarding microvascular surgery.

FAQs on anti-reflux surgery

Heartburn can be extremely uncomfortable, it affects up to 25% of the UK adults. However, some may experience it more severely than others. In some, it may indicate gastroesophageal reflux disease. We recently spoke with Mr Nima Abbasi-Ghadi, a highly experienced general and oesophago-gastric surgeon, to discuss the effectiveness of anti-reflux surgery.In this article, we find out the answers to some of the frequently asked questions about this procedure.

Nasal deformities: septoplasty vs. rhinoplasty

There are many different types of nasal deformities, it is often a cosmetic concern but sometimes it can also affect the functionality of the nose too. We recently spoke with a highly established nasal plastic & ENT surgeon, Mr Joe Marais, to discuss rhinoplasties and how they compare with septoplasties when treating nasal deformities. We cover many of the FAQs regarding these procedures, in this article.

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