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How important is it to treat a hernia?

A protruding lump caused by tissue and organs pushing through the muscle wall, might be a hernia. Affecting people of all ages, hernias can develop into dangerous conditions if they are not managed correctly. Mr Krishna Moorthy, highly esteemed surgeon, provides a comprehensive overview of hernias, explaining what are the causes, how important is it to treat a hernia and what are the side effects of hernia surgery.

Treating chronic pancreatitis surgically

The pancreas, both a gland and organ, has a vital role in the production of enzymes and hormones. When the pancreas becomes inflamed, it is a condition known as pancreatitis, which can be acute (sudden) or long-term (chronic). Esteemed Guildford-based general surgeon, Mr Timothy Rees Worthington discusses when pancreatic surgery is a suitable treatment option, how it is performed, and what can be expected from the recovery period.

Liver surgery for metastatic colorectal cancer

Secondary cancer occurs when cancer cells, that began in a different part of the body, moves through the blood steam and start to grow in a secondary location. Secondary liver cancer commonly occurs in patients who have colorectal cancer. Leading London-based consultant general and hepato-pancreato-biliary surgeon Mr Deepak Hariharan explains in detail how surgery can be used to remove secondary liver cancer.

Hernia treatment influenced by Gilmore's Groin repair techniques

Esteemed Lonodon based consultant surgeon Mr Simon Marsh describes how his indept knowledge of Gilmore's Groin has revolutionised his approach to the treatment of hernias. The treatment of hernias with a mesh has remained the same for decades and can sometimes result in chronic pain. Mr Marsh raises the question: why are they still being treated in this manner?

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