Dental monitoring: what is it and what are the benefits?

Written by: Dr Dana Bondoc
Edited by: Conor Lynch

Dental monitoring is a newly modernised and innovative way to treat and monitor patient dental treatment remotely through the incorporation of a smartphone application. It is mainly used to accurately assess images of Invisalign aligners to see if the patient’s teeth are straightening as planned.

Here to provide a more expert-like overview of just how effective dental monitoring can be is highly reputable orthodontist, Dr Dana Bondoc


What exactly is dental monitoring?

Dental monitoring was developed in France and its purpose was to develop an artificial intelligence (AI) to identify not only various different dental structures and diseases such as cavities, gingivitis, and gum recession, but also to track dental movement with the overall objective being to help doctors remotely monitor patients undergoing an Invisalign procedure.


What are the benefits of dental monitoring?

The main benefit of dental monitoring is that it allows both the doctor and patient to avoid any unnecessary appointment. All Invisalign patients can use the dental monitoring application to upload their dental photos on a weekly basis.


This dental monitoring app lets the patients know if they can change to the next aligner or not. It picks up poor wear issues and actually sends them an automatic message without asking me to approve.


Dental monitoring can also detect a slight unseating of the aligner for the lower left second premolar.


Does using dental monitoring add more to the cost of treatment?

Patients do not pay extra for dental monitoring. We have a monthly bill of £10.69 per patient per month, plus the cost of the scan box of £45 per patient.


Is it still necessary to have face-to-face consultations when the patient uses dental monitoring?

Dental monitoring allows for and results in a shift from the standard, regular review-based orthodontist appointments to only-when-necessary appointments.


Dr Dana Bondoc is an esteemed leading orthodontist who specialises in a whole host of different dental diseases and complexities. If you are interested in how dental monitoring might work for you or are worried about any dental-related issues, make sure you to check out Dr Bondoc’s Top Doctors profile to book an appointment with her.

By Dr Dana Bondoc

Dr Dana Bondoc is a leading orthodontist in London and Guildford who is an expert in treating varying dental complexities. She offers a wide variety of orthodontic appliances such as removable appliances, functional appliances, fixed metal and tooth-coloured ceramic appliances, Damon brace and incognito lingual braces

Dr Bondoc has been delivering the highest quality orthodontic care since 2002. She received her bachelor of science in biology in 1996 from the University of Western Ontario, Canada. She qualified in dentistry from The Carol Davila University of Medicine and Pharmacology, Bucharest in 2002. Dr Bondoc qualified as an orthodontist in 2006.

Dr Bondoc is dedicated to providing specialist orthodontic care to all ages. She believes in treating patients in an ethical and caring manner and prides herself on being a gentle orthodontist.

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